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  1. Hi Everyone I just bought a second hand car and discovered there is a general [problem] going on. The con basically involves any kind of car with a price range of £1000 to £1500. There are a lot of people now who pretend to be car traders. They look for drivable cars with faults, buy them cheap, somehow get these faulty cars MOTed and sell it on for a much higher price. BEWARE OF ANY TRADER WHO SAYS THEY HAVE JUST STARTED THE TRADE AND SO DON'T HAVE A PROPER CAR SALES GARAGE. BEWARE OF ANY TRADER WHO SAYS THEY JUST BOUGHT A CAR OR JUST HAD A CAR IN ON PART EXCHANGE. THESE SO CALLED TRADERS ARE BOGUS, THEY WILL GIVE FAKE NAMES AND ADDRESS. THEY WILL KNOWINGLY SELL YOU A CAR WITH A FAULT AND WHEN YOU DISCOVER THE PROBLEM AND TRY TO TAKE IT BACK, THE SO CALLED TRADER WILL BE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT...................THANKS.
  2. Hello Baz My account was with their internal bank debt, l hope this helps.
  3. Hi You should get this money plus 8% paid back to you regardless of whether your account is in arrears. I had a PPI refund cheque in the post last year even though the loan has been with collections since 2007. PPI shouldn't have been a part of your credit card account that is why you should get this money back directly and not have it paid towards the balance on the account.
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