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  1. Hi rebel 11, Thank you for your response and for the links you attached. Having read the CPR guidelines i was able to approach the dealer and state the two areas where he was in clear breach of the guidelines. He has now refunded the cost of the AutoProtect policy in full, as he had to accept that the warranty was not fit for purpose, and he had not drawn my attention to the exclusions that resulted in my claim being rejected. Many thanks again. Regards xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. I bought a 2003 Volvo v70 from a Volvo dealership in April last year. They offered me an extended warranty with Autoprotect, which i accepted thinking that i was dealing with a reputable garage. They were evasive about what was covered but stated it was 'pretty much everything' Just before the warranty expired i had a problem with my display, and was told that i needed to replace the DIM. The garage, MR Kings of Halesworth Suffolk first said that Autoprotect would not pay because they had only diagnosed the fault a few days after the warranty had expired, though i had informed them of it weeks beforehand. When it became clear that i would take this further they changed their tune, and said instead that the warranty did not cover the dash instruments. I have spoken to a number of garages about this, and all express the view that such a fault should be covered. I have also learnt that this fault is systemic with this particular model, and is bound to occur, although Kings service manager described it as 'very rare'. I am resigned to the fact that i have been completely shafted, both by Kings and by Autoprotect, but would like to post this as a warning to anybody to trust neither
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