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  1. Hi everyone, I hope you can help me. In brief I contracted roofer to repair leaks. Full known work was not known until scaffolding up. Roofer repaired what he thought was the problem (according to quote). Identified another problem. Said could not do work as he was busy but then backtracked. I agreed to work, said I'd pay half now and the full amount (plus new work) when work completed. He refused and said he would do nothing until full payment received for first job. Next he emails me saying as I have not paid he will contact his solicitor. I receive a claim against me. He did not give me 30 days and the claim was made without a solicitor. The scaffolding still remains at my property. Do I have a case? Do I just 1) accept it and pay him, plus the fee of £95 within 10 days. Am I at risk of him then sabotaging the roof or scaffolding remaining? 2) write and ask him to remove the scaffolding and then I will pay him and then defend the claim? If I do this, will it then go to court if he refuses to remove scaffolding? Thank you in advance. Janet
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