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  1. Hi, Thanks for responding. The title reads as 'Notice issued by CP plus limited, £40 unauthorised parking notice' 'Exceeded max stay in multi' 'for breach of contract in accordance with the conditions of contract relating to parking as detailed on the signs at the site. A charge of £4o is now due for the following reason: Reason code: 01' The code is 'exceeded free maximum stay time' Does this make a difference? I have been a driver for the past 12 years and never had anything like this and so I am really worried. I had to take my friend to the Maternity ward in the morning and t
  2. Hi Thanks for responding. Yes...it was on my windscreen on my return today. I parked at A and E and then parked at the multi storey car park where they have said that i had overstayed. I did not exceed the 4 hrs on either site. Thanks
  3. Hi, Thanks for replying. I found it on my drivers window on my return. It says I have breached a contract that was detailed on the site through signs. Thanks
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone had to pay for a fine at the southern general hospital. I got a ticket for overstaying the 4 hrs limit by CP and was not sure if i should pay or ignore. I am not sure if things have changed over the past year for them to pursue payments nowadays. Please do advise. Thanks
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