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  1. The Constabulary's involvement with regard to the policing of bailiffs as with any other civil dispute - is to prevent a breach of the peace from occurring 4. PROCEDURES 4.4 If the documentation is in order, the constable should remind the bailiff that entry must be obtained without force, except in the circumstances highlighted in Appendix B. N.B. Bailiffs can take goods from outside the premises such as a debtor's vehicle on a driveway (if they have a clamping order), or garden equipment. 4.5 Constables should be aware of their duty to keep the peace. If there is a suffic
  2. everyone involved and stopped in the roadside operation should download the Police Complaints Commission form and send it off , there is no way the Police should have been involved in this and the people stopped should claim compensation from the Force involved
  3. i also think to start with the Council as they have to answer to the Local Government Ombudsman who can make them pay compensation to my daughter and the Council can sack Marstons , our local council got rid of Excel a few years ago
  4. on another page somewhere on the net it said she could have signed a stat dec as the receipts for the furniture were with the accountant and it was gone 6pm go back to court , i mean the st katherines court for the pcn as i did not know anything about it
  5. I want to report him and the embarrassing things my daughter had to endure in her own pub he should pay compensation for and lose his job , but where to start the Council , the Court who issued it the Local Government Ombudsman after the Council the Court that issued his license or the body that represents the Bailiff's
  6. apparently it was for a parking fine the bar is owned by may daughter who rent it the door to my flat is on the 3rd floor and locked in the end he was there in the bar for 2 hours with customers arguing with my daughter with everyone listening , i wanted to go back to court over it but he would not give me a stat dec form so i the end i paid up , everyone knew what was going on , data protection went out the window yes have it all on CCTV
  7. I am perhaps the first to encounter this , yesterday i had a visit from a Marstons bailiff to my place of work in a bar where i also live in a flat but it was while i was working and he persisted in talking to me while in work in front of customers and would not leave , then when my daughter arrived who owns the business he told her he was taking her seating from the bar and would not back down , the police came but stood there doing nothing , he was piling the seating up in the side room in front of customers , data protection went out the window
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