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  1. Thanks ericsbrother! That clears up a lot of my questions. Excel Parking did send me the POPLA code so I will submit my appeal to them. I am still concerned that I did breech the contract of rules as it DOES state that I am not allowed to leave the complex on the signage (which is not clear at ALL). I thought I may go down the line of not being a genuine estimate of loss for me to park there before I started work and nip to town. On my original ticket is says it was issued for leaving the site complex- that's all it said. Also I have looked at my parking permit and it is in the terms and conditions that I should not leave the site.
  2. Hi all, I have been issued with a parking ticket at the crown point car park Leeds owned by Excel Parking. I have already appealed to excel parking and, of course, it was rejected. Having read many forums I understand the next step it to appeal to POPLA. I would like to ask for some advice on what I need to include in the letter? I am an owner of a parking permit for the excel car park, as I work at TK MAXX on crown point, and had this permit displayed in the window when my ticket was issued. I was issued the ticket because I left the complex to nip into town before starting work. I had no idea that I was not allowed to leave the complex while parking there and was horrified to find a parking ticket on my car especially having displayed my permit! I emailed excel expecting my appeal to be accepted as I work at crown point. I'm concerned about what could happen in if my appeal to POPLA is rejected. Should I include that there has been no losses to the car park as it is not a pay and display car park and indicate the signage stating that you cannot leave the complex is inadequate? I don't want this appeal to be taken to court or receive debt collector threats and cannot find information if excel parking do this... someone please explain and help put my mind to rest! Thanks!!
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