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  1. I have no idea who the woman is (the surname sounds French at least), and no idea what the debt relates to. One of the debt agencies on the automated messages was speaking out the outstanding debt, so the only reason I know how much it is for. Ahh okay, will avoid calling them!
  2. It's the SIM bound to the phone number, the phone is mine from brand new, now on its 3rd upgrade with the number.
  3. Hi all, Had a persistent problem with multiple debt agencies over the last 4 years in particular constantly calling my mobile phone. Within a week of getting the number, I was getting debt collection agencies calling asking for a woman (obviously the numbers previous owner) as she owed just over a couple of hundred quid. I call them, tell them that they have the wrong number, they usually ignore the first time, 2nd or 3rd call usually stops the phone calls. UNTIL! The problem is, these blasted debt agencies seem to sell the debt, and I get a new debt collection a
  4. Touching wood something soonish! Hopefully get a reasonable resolution!
  5. Hi, I've been having a tortuous time with Vodafone the last few months, it initially started at the tail end of November, when my phone inexplicably had no signal, reboots the lot, no luck. After 3 phone calls to Vodafone it was finally established a cancellation request was made by me (?!?!?! most certainly wasn't!), for the phone number. It took a further 2 weeks of constant phone calls before I eventually got onto someone who appeared to know what they were doing, and 24 hours later the phone was working again. HOWEVER, it has yet again happened, on the 21s
  6. In fact I didn't actually have a tenancy at the house, as my mother passed away and the tenancy couldn't be succeeded due to some very queer technicality in the law (reason I had to move). I rung up and notified Eon at the time that she had passed and I plodded along for 6 months or so in contact with the local MP's office who had a very tough time getting time to sit down with the head of the council that handled these things (in regards to succeeding the tenancy), it went through various legal teams before a decision was made and I was very much left in limbo to say the lea
  7. Hi! Somewhat confused about the situation I have with a bill from Eon. I moved out of a house that used a pre payment meter roughly 15 months ago, and into a new property which I've been paying via Direct Debit. The supplier was initially British Gas whom I moved away from and back to Eon - the Tesco Club card points are a big win! However, this past December (roughly ~ 14 months later) I received a bill from Eon asking for a low triple figure sum as a final payment for that address. This striked me as odd at the time as I used a pre payment meter
  8. Hi there, New to the forums but always find quite a lot of interesting reading. Recently, I have been receiving calls and text messages from motormile finance, regarding a debt for some woman (I have no idea who she is). I have debts like most, but are all well within my means and my credit profile reflects this! I have sent them a couple of emails telling them i'm the wrong person, and it has been ignored. I'm not prepared to call them as it mentions about a premium rate number. I'm at a loss of what to do really, they call all times of the day (while im at work, in work
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