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  1. Hi again it's been awhile and today received a letter from Expedition debt recovery on behalf of their client ANPR with an official looking claim form with Northampton County Court and asking me to indicate a preferred court for the hearing. I have not been given a popla code by ANPR so what should I do it's tempting to call the debt company to see if they exist.
  2. Just a quick update, I sent ANPR a letter with proof of post on the 28th May stating APPEAL at the top and asking for a code to be sent, on Saturday received a letter from them Final Demand for £140 in 7 days or they will hand the debt to local debt recovery agency. Should I respond again or just wait a bit longer for the code.
  3. I don't know what good it will do but I have sent a complaint to DVLA asking why my details were given out without my permission and what checks they do before giving information like that out. I received a standard reply by email with a very interesting quote (In order to comply with the Data Protection Act we are unable to reply by email if it contains any personal information to you, if there is a need for personal information to be included then we will contact you by post) what a load of rubbish but it's ok to give out my details to anyone else.
  4. Thank you all for your advise I will let you know what happens.
  5. Sorry to keep bothering you but if I reply to them then I'm playing their game what if I just ignore them and if it comes to a head I just say I never received any letter from them and unless they have a picture of me with the car they can't prove I had the parking notice in the first place.
  6. In the letter they just describe the vehicle and the reg which is registered/hired to you.
  7. Sorry please ignore put in wrong thread.
  8. Thanks for your reply I've read some comments on the same subject and they say only to state that I am the RK and that I am not liable and to tell ANPR to cancel or send an appeals code.
  9. Thanks for your reply I have been reading some comments and one said not to admit you were driving only that you are the RK.
  10. Hi all, as asked I am letting you know that I have received a letter from ANPR Ltd it say's OUTSTANDING PARKING NOTICE and are asking for £100 now as I have not paid in the time stated, because they had to get my details from DVLA the new total is £140 but they can only charge this after 42 days have lapsed so an early settlement of £100 is diminishing fast their words. Any advise please.
  11. Thank you for all your comments and advise, my concern is that they have a good case as I should have paid and did not check the parking times so if I wait the cost goes up and that is a worry, do you really think I should call their bluff?
  12. I have just checked and they ANPR are members of the BPA which means the DVLA will give them my details should I be concerned.
  13. Thank you for your help so far I found out the owners phone number and called him to ask if he had employed ANPR he said he had to because people were parking all day and not paying I told him I was parked for 10mins max and thought the charge that ANPR were asking for was a rip off he said I would have to contact them and he was unable to help and that he did not get any of the money they get. I WILL NOT BE CONTACTING ANPR.
  14. Thank you Silverfox do they have to send the notice within so many days or did I read the other posts wrong.
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