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  1. Hi Thank you for that. Yes all is now sorted. They had already got the P45 and all the information required, it was just the previous adviser on the phone that had got it wrong. I rang back stating everything that you said and it was all confirmed as correct. I am now waiting for my letter and then I can apply for a bank transfer. Happy days!
  2. Hi, I lost my job last March, claimed JSA...got a job August-December..then got laid off so claimed JSA again very briefly...then got another job in January. I have not earned enough to have paid any tax and so am trying to claim it back. However, HMRC are making it very difficult. On my personal tax account online (gov gateway) I can clearly see both jobs and earnings reported. Both JSA claims say £0. I contacted HMRC who told me they needed info from JSA to process my claim. I spoke with them and then HMRC told me they had now received two P45s from JSA but were n
  3. Thank you for that response unclebulgaria67, I appreciate it. It has helped us to understand this better and yes I cannow see how that would be the case. If only THEY explained it that easily. Thanks again.
  4. It says 2015/16 but I have no clue so yes that's a great idea thank you. I will do this today!
  5. Ok thank you for such a quick response. Yes we did claim tax credits for a while when we were both working but not earning a great deal but again, I don't know how an overpayment of that happened but they have written to us although the amount is different every time. I did call to set up repayments but they refused..saying deductions from UC will be made until the claim is closed and then I can pay directly. However, I might ask for some sort of proof or breakdown as we have no idea what happened or how that overpayment has occurred. Thank you for that bit
  6. Hi, I just wanted some advice from anybody who may have had a similar problem or might know what's going on please? Last March, just as this pandemic took hold my husband lost his job. No furlough, no redundancy pay or anything. Just finished. We knew nothing about claiming benefits but we managed to put in a claim for JSA and then UC (they just deducted the JSA from anything we were entitled to from UC) later in the year, I made a claim for carer's allowance as I am my mums full time carer. She receives attendance allowance. I waited several weeks to hear an
  7. Yes I got one in August when I got a job and then I've got this one that came yesterday even though I only had one payment made. I think I have got the right tax code but still don't understand why the estimate is so high. I definitely shouldn't pay tax this year though I'm sure so hopefully I will get that back but will have to wait until April at earliest unfortunately.
  8. Ok thanks, maybe that's the problem. I gave my new employer my P45 from old job that ended January. I've has since had a P45 come through the post yesterday from JSA so I don't know what to do unless I take that one in to work as well. I think I will ring up tomorrow and ask what I need to do to sort this out. Did your other half get the tax back? I think I shouldn't pay any at all this year. Thanks for replying
  9. nimblejack

    PAYE confusion

    Hi, I apologise if this is in the wrong section, I just need a bit of help from anyone who knows about this please. I have always worked and paid tax. Last year in March, I lost my job due to the pandemic. I was made redundant but received no redundancy pay as I had not been there for 2 years. I then claimed benefits and new style JSA until I managed to get another job in August. I then again lost this job in January thanks to Covid and restarted my claim for JSA as I still had a few weeks left of the 26 you are allowed to claim. as this was sortin
  10. Ok thank you. I also have MMF hounding me over two debts from 2008. A friend has told me that because I moved house in 2010, the companies might have kept writing to the old address and so can prove they tried to contact me and that this would mean statute barred doesn't count. I'm sure this is not the case. I thought it meant six years from the last payment or written acknowledgement from me of the debt?
  11. Thank you, yes some were the companies that are now showing up. One letter came today from Ruthbridge, threatening to take things further. It does annoy me, I do feel like letting them try but at the same time I just want them so bog off and leave me alone I will just type a quick email like you have suggested but from a new email account that I will set up. Then they can harass that as much as they like because I won't even log back in.
  12. I'm not claiming PPI form anyone I changed my mind. I can't see these on my credit file but they have been passed to several different debt collectors over the years.
  13. Hi, Sorry I don't know a whole lot about this but I have suddenly had three old debts pop up from different debt collection companies threatening me with further action etc. It seems to have happened as I made an inquiry with a PPI company a few months ago but didn't bother going any further and I am now wondering if that has opened me up to all of this. I think these three debts are statute barred as I have not made any contact whatsoever or made any payments or acknowledged the debts for at least 7 years, maybe longer but knowing how sly some of these companies can be, I wouldn't
  14. Yes thanks, I have just spoken to the creditor and he says we can alter the date as long as payments are made each month and maintained so presuming he is right and is willing to do this, all will be ok. I do see now the importance of being honest!! But it is my own fault and I shall just have to cut back a bit somewhere else. Lesson learned.
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