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  1. just to update all those that are trying to advise and help me with this.... well i was told this was going to a meeting at executive level and i would have their decision on monday..... in true direct line fashion monday came and went without any news..."direct line are real good at this bit!!" today tuesday i call them,customer relations confirm to me the executive who apparantly looked at this has again moved it up to the next level of executivness!!!???"how far does this go?are they simply stalling me so i run out of time to go to f-o-s? its a never ending game of tourt
  2. p.p.s i forgot to add,the underwriters have already made a decision "it must be paid in full"... again its me hung out to dry every time!!
  3. thankyou again sir and all you have just written is about 100% correct with one amendmant i will add yes sales madea massive mistake which all agree and absoloutly say i did nothing wrong..in fact i did everything right...thats why were this far in..direct line policy servicing have already admitted their staff were wrong,their staff acted improperly and miss sold and miss informed me as to my cover,they have admitted openly my claim should be paid in full "and will be paid in full"..what direct line claims and service cannot agree on is who pays it all thats where im stuffed.....it
  4. hello again sir and thankyou again i can tell you claims are on the files and system telling customer service "add an amendment to the policy ,or add the equipment and we will settle in full!!",customer service inform me over the phone "we have an email from claims tellking us to add this amendmend and you will be paid in full!!"...then another call from customer relations saying the underwriters have told us we dont have to add anything,claims must just pay this in full!! this is how it goes on and on! thanks again
  5. forgot to add even direct line customer service have told me i have been awarded compensation for the "MISS SELLING" of this policy,i didnt ask for it,they offered it,so direct line as well as admitting liability for the claim,they are also compensating me for the miss sale,yey claims in their own strange weird world seem to make up the rules as the go!! thanks again anyone who can help
  6. hello thanks for reply the claim was for 26k,they have paid 11k claims are limiting the claim,everyone else at direct line inc the in house fos team agree "pay the man in full" i took out a policy "over the phone",glad i did id never do one online now,at least all this is recorded...i told them value i needed insured from home or vehicle,the call is absoloutly unquestionable,the cover was miss sold,miss represented and again every single person at every single level from sales and service,through to managers-over managers-senior managers,and indeed even a senior claims had personally tol
  7. dear sir thankyou for you advise and help ok firstly there is no question of a fraudulent claim,the incident had several eye witnesses involved but the equipment "skydiving gear" was simply taken as a result of what was apparantly a opportunists group attempting to steal my serio/dvd system,all of the equipment was both itinerised,documented,reciepted and all serial numbers/photograhic proof supplied the equipment has never shown up anywhere and general feeling was its been dumped"most probbably in the sea!! so as far your concern goes i dont think thats the issue,again the problem
  8. Ok my problems started when i changed insurer to direct line i called and purchased a policy "home insurance plus"over the phone,i told the agent everything,my previous insurers,my expensive hobby items that were listed and specified under my previous policy.. ok agent tells me all my goods are covered for the sums ive asked,all my goods are insured exactly as ive requested,the agent tells me unlike my old insurers "i do not need to separately list anything thats worth under £4000 each.....!!im told if i can carry it,its insured!....after being told EVERYTHING i wanted to hear ,the agen
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