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  1. Thank you very much king12345, this has litterly been the worst few days ever for me since receiving the summons. I won't bore you with the dets but had a lot on my plate previous to this! I spoke to a manager today and explained everything and my side and this time took a more apologetic route instead of "excuses" type route, thankfully they have seen I didn't intend to do anything malicious and with it being a first offence it's been settled. Gonna write a letter of a apology to the officer also for the silly comment!
  2. I managed to speak to the team today and just explained everything my situation and how I hadn't meant to do it, I took everyone's advice and was apologetic and said I did see how it looked. I'm so greatful they called back half hour later and reviewed my case and it's been settled out of court. Thanks for everyone's advice and help.
  3. Yeah I do appreciate all the comments and opinions like I say I take them all on board.
  4. I'm not sure how I am meant to be though, I am litterly desperate to make them see I didn't meant to do anything. If I had done id begging for their forgiveness. Which approach with them should I try? I really don't know what else to do! I understand by putting it on a forum people are entitled to their opinion and I take each and every one on board. But until you are being accused of deliberately doing something which you honestly never intended to and could ruin your life you just could not understand how frustrating and upsetting it is. Not every case is as black and white. I'm having to go back to the doctors today as this weekend has been the worst ever it's made me ill.
  5. Its just soooo annoying I'm going to be put in the same catagory as people who have actually gone out there to defraud the system and avoid paying fare!! Mistakes DO happen, look at their letters to me with conflicting stations on..blatantly a mistake..but one that will get overlooked with a second thought no doubt! I could litterely kick myself for not checking the ticket sooner but it hadn't even crossed my mind to knowing I'd bought it just the day before, I was in such a horrible place that day too with everything going on. Alls I can do is hope the judge sees I had no intent I guess..
  6. Ah I jus looked at the sumons n they were stamped 28th jan?
  7. Also looking at the documents here, the inspector says in his statement the correct journey "liverpool lime street to sthelens JUNCTION" then on the charge papers what will be read to me in court it says "liverpool lime street to sthelens CENTRAL". Which is incorrect, as the inspectors statement and my ticket state! So there's a mistake on their behalf too, surely if checking details was so important n not makin mistakes then this wasn't displayed very well in their documents. I just want to prove to them I am not a criminal and made a genuine mistake to which I do apologise for, I had no intentions of not paying I would of gladly paid once explained to me why my ticket wasn't valid! He spoke to me like I was some sort of low life criminal trying to avoid paying all of 3.90! It's ludicrous!
  8. Yeah the timeline is right! It's came as a shock when I got it all. The dates are on the letter too. Aug 27th the ticket was for, aug 28th I got stopped. December 21st wrote out to me, I got the letter the 24th finally got through to them beginnin of jan as they wer closed Xmas period, they received my letter 4 days later and I finally get a summons on Friday! I never went to buy a ticket because i already thought I had one you see, I could see the revenue officers on the other side of the barriers checking so was going to show them my ticket, as I was walking through towards them n got the ticket out my bag for inspection I noticed it and went straight over n questioned it and explained. I haven't missed a single detail out, everything iv wrote is what's happened, this is why it's taken me by surprise to much. I genuinly never intended to Avade anything. I wouldn't do that! I accept my ticket wasn't valid but surely I'm not the only one who has made a mistake, I pointed it out and offered to buy a new one straight away when told the reason why it wasn't valid. I'm not some sort of criminal who wanted to [problem] the company out of 3.90?!
  9. The letter states I avoided the fare of 3.90 the incident happened in August. I did exactly as I explained, at lime street nobody was checking tickets at the barriers, just through the barriers where revenue officers..these are who I approached to explain. I only checked the date at this point because id got the ticket out of my bag and had to look to see which was the correct ticket for the return part of the journey, I noticed and went straight over to question the date n explained then apologised and said I'd buy a new one wen he told me a open return cnt be issued for that journey only same day. I hadn't checked previously because with me buying it the day before i hadn't needed to? Also not using this as a excuse but I was under medication for my anxiety and depression, recently came off that then gone through a horrific break up..last thing on my mind was the date on my ticket I was in a awfull way, every return I usualy buy to Manchester,blackpool,Leeds etc is open for the month, didn't occur to me this one wudnt be.
  10. Yeah like I stated I had wrote to them giving my version of events. I apologised for the money comment and told them my side of what happened. I never called him a jobs worth or anything in conjunction, nothing else is mentioned in his statement.
  11. I suppose so. It's just so infuriating I can't prove I didn't swear and I'm litterly going to get a criminal record for a genuine mistake, the same record someone who openly admits they were dare avading would Get
  12. Do you think they would have CCTV from that day I could request?
  13. Yeah i was walking through I got the ticket out of my bag looked at it to see it was the return one and that's wen I saw the date, I thought it was their mistake so went over to him n told him showing him the other part to show what date I bought it, that's when he said they don't do open returns n it was invalid so I apologised and said il have to buy one sorry I didn't relize.
  14. The main point I tried to make in the letter was if I knew I was going to stay over and a return wouldn't of been valid..why would I of purchased a return? I would of either a) bought two singles and been honest. Or b) if I had planned to avoid paying my fare I would of saved the extra money and bought one ticket. It seems they don't look at each case Individual tho. I accept my ticket was invalid but I refuse to please guilty to "intent not to pay fare" as I did not intend it!! It seems very harsh I will have a criminal record for this and potentially lose my job!!
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