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  1. Thanks again for your input Emmzzi. I have made email enquiries to some local solicitors who deal with employment law. Maybe they will give me more of an idea of what sort of contract it is.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Looks like they have themselves well covered then. I am just shocked they have not offered him any more help or training. The job is basically just cold calling, not exactly rocket science. As an aside, the apprentices were called to a meeting a week ago by the Director saying the training company could be having funding cut, but they would not be "dropped in it" and he would continue paying them. Just seems strange timing to me. Thanks again
  3. Hi There is a probationary period clause in the contract which states the Employer reserves the right to terminate employment within the probationary period where it considers the Employee has not and is unlikely to attain the necessary standards to complete the Apprenticeship programme. He has good gcses including Maths and English, so was told he was qualified for NVQ 2. He left sixth form as he changed his mind about going to uni. Unfortunately, we thought an apprenticeship was the way to go. Thanks again
  4. Hi Emmzzi, Yes, my son, the company and the training provider are all named on the contract. Thanks
  5. Hi All My son left sixth form 3 weeks ago to start an Apprenticeship with a local established company. At the end of the day yesterday, he was told that his apprenticeship was terminated with immediate effect as he was "under performing". This has come as a total shock. He has only been there three weeks. He has had no issues/warnings etc. He has no time keeping issues, no days off, nothing. He was even paid a bonus this week for recruiting new clients. They would not elaborate on the "under performing", just that they are a professional company and he is not working to t
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