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  1. Hi guys. So I went to my council on Friday and they have told me the same thing as previously, which means that I have to speak to the ddebt collector because my case isn't in council but in debt collector. So I asked the woman to make a note on the system that I've been in a council and spoke to staff about my case and they refused monthly pay because they don't deal with my case anymore. But I also wanted some paper proof, so I can fiscally show Duke's collectors that I've spoke to the council. But what annoyed me is that the woman said "You should asked for the financial support", but I didn't know about it because nobody told me about that support, so how on earth should I know it... Now I have to write a email to Duke's and asked them to spread the whole amount into monthly payment as I can't afford pay whole amount at one go obviously, but the problem is I've never wrote anything like this before in my life, so if there is somebody who can help me write that letter I will be more then thankful.
  2. Yeh, I do know its a year old, but I didn't get any more letter from debt collectors, so I don't even know what is going on with them
  3. I think I will pop up to the local council and discuss this case. As you already said, if they refuse to take a monthly payments from me (as I can't afford one payment of 2000pounds) I will take the person's name and ask to signed my case as a refused by the council. Then I think I'll write a claim to the head office saying I've been refused of paying my owed money to the council !.
  4. I went to council numerous of times asking about the same thing as you said. They told me that after when the case was sent to the debt collectors council has nothing to do with it now any more, so now I can only contact these awful people :/
  5. Hello everyone ! My story is very long, but I hope somebody is going to help me fix my issue In 2012 I lived with my 2 friends in small flat, but unfortunately I have lost my job recently and I was in very difficult circumstances in my life. I owed money to some people from Poland couple of years ago, but I was sending regularly money every month to them, but one day 2 big guys came in, kicked into my house threatening me if I won't pay the rest of owed money in 48 hours they will hurt my family. So I had no choice what so ever, I've borrowed couple of thousands of pounds from banks to secure my family. I gave the debt back in full and that was it, since then I could release. But because I was broke I didn't have a money to pay for all my bills and expenses such as food, bus fares etc. I still owed 2000 pounds from LLoyds Bank, 400 pounds from Wanga.com and 260 from MoneyShop but the last one I've just paid. But what's most important I didn't pay 140 pounds for my council tax for 3-4 months. Of course there was letters from council reminding to pay the council tax, but because I've never been in that kind of position I didn't know what to do and unfortunately I skipped it over all. This case was registered on me and on one of my friends who lived with me, but soon after I've been warned from council about the payments he unregistered from the local council and now I'm left with the case on my own. Then I moved to shared house for 1 bedroom on my own. After a month or 2 of letter from council with final warning of paying the council tax, I started receiving letters from Debt collector from company called "Dukes Bailiffs Limited" saying my case of owed money is now in their hands. Of course there were phone calls, but I've never spoke to them and I've never sent any letters regarding my case at all. The amount I have to pay to Debt Collector is above 2000 pounds (can't remember exact amount). I ignored all the correspondences from the debt collector, but then I was shocked. Debt collector came to my shared house, he was threatening me saying if I won't pay full amount now he will send the case to the court and my goods will be taken from me. He wrote a form with my goods details, how much it may cost etc. He also gave me this last letter I've seen from this company, as I was kicked out from the house soon after my landlord found out about this issue. Since I've stopped living in that share house I've not seen more letters from debt collectors because all the letters were sent to the previous address, and I wasn't very welcomed person there, so I didn't collect any correspondence at all. As far as I know all the letters are send back to the debt collectors. So I'm in position where I don't know where am at. I don't know what is going on with this case. I've changed my phone number, but the landlord knows my number (but debt collectors don't) so if debt collector would come to my previous house I would definitely know about it. I didn't even change my home address in the bank to avoid their visits ! I don't know if the case was send to the court or something. Now I have a permanent job, stable income and I live in shared house. I want to contact the debt collectors, and see where I'm at. Is my case was sent to the court or not, and what can I do at the moment. I'm positive to pay this 2000 pounds every month in installment. But I'm afraid if I going to show them my current address they could visit my house again and take my goods for good. I'm in very serious situation and don't even know how can I fix it. The last bad thing is that my English isn't my mother language so writing official letter to debt collectors is very difficult for me. If somebody could help me with this I would be more then happy. Any advise is more then welcomed ! Sorry for any wrong spelling Thank you.
  6. Hi Guys This time I have replay as a form of email from company called "Zinc Group ltd" This is what they have said in this email: Dear Miss Ciesielska, I am now your allocated Customer Account Manager and have been assigned your CRS on behalf of Lifestyle Fitness account (Zinc Reference 2036309.) Please can I ask that you call me on 0141 237 1316, visit WeWantToSayYes.co.uk to update your account or email me by return to confirm receipt of this message, I am here to help you so please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything. Many thanks, Maria Crawford Seems like they have seen my letter and now they want to do something about it, but I still don't know if they will cancel all the unwanted fees for me or not. So what do you think I should do now ? What should I replay to them ? Many Thanks
  7. Hi Guys:) As you told me, I've sent the letter to Harlands 2 weeks ago, they tried to call me several times but I ignored all the calls. But apart from calls, there was no replies from them at all!No letters nothing :] I'm not sure what can I do now.....Should I leave it and wait till they replays back, or send another letter to them till they write something logically.....
  8. Thanks Guys! I don't know what I would do without you ! Many thanks ! ))
  9. Well. I've not found anything about the gym....Maybe I should go to the gym and ask them about my membership, if they have got something in the system.
  10. I'll ask my ex partner to look properly through my papers stuff and find any evidence of Lifestyle Fitness letters or something.
  11. No I don't have it unfortunately :/ But I think The first payment from DD was the 39.99 because usually lifestyle fitness apply 19.99 administration fee and monthly payment 19.99 and then the second DD is 19.99 each month.
  12. Thanks for your help !Really appreciate it ! Well on the 7th of October I paid the first payment which was 39.99 on 23rd of October I paid 19.99 They are roughly dates because I got them from bank statements. A week after that I moved out from Preston but I cancelled my DD arround 16th of November
  13. Hi everyone. My story is very complicated but well lets started from the very beginning. I'm 20 years old student who needs help from you guys! I moved to Preston to live with my partner and study here as well in September 2013 and I joined poor Lifestyle gym at Preston in September-October I'm not sure. But I've joined them, and have been there for a month I've lost my job i had to move out from my partner's house as we decided to split up. I stop going to the gym as the gym was in very poor conditions, nobody from the staff seemed to care about the clients at the gym, and finally I simply couldn't afford £20PCM for next 12 months while I lived in Manchester (more than 20 miles away from the gym) I cancelled my DD After I moved out from Preston. And since then I stop paying anything to them. Now I have found out there is a letter from Harlands at my ex-partner's home address saying I had to pay fees and other charges for not paying DD. for my bank, my home address is registered on my previous Manchester address which I didn't change since then because I didn't get my bank statements. 2 letters have been sent to Preston in October 2013 from Harlands ltd and then another 2 on 19th of Feb and 10th of March 2014 from CRS to my previous home address where I lived before I moved to Preston ( as I know CRS they got my previous home address from bank) I did not know about any of these letters till now. They say I have a debt of £375.86, since October or November (I'm not sure) They don't specify what I'm actually paying for (no calculations, nothing). On the last letter they are saying that if I don't contact them other the phone in next 10 working days they may prosecute me to the court or something. I'm only 20 years old, and English isn't my first language, I can't properly explain their letters therefore I've attached them. I was also thinking about writing to them numerous of letters as I've been reading many people on this forum, they don't seemed to care about them and still charging extra fees for nothing I'm curious if it's gonna work, because I'm not a very good English speller and I don't know how should I write those letters. I know I can cancel my membership but if there going to be additional charges for moving away from Preston and if it's going to help decrease the charges I can't afford ! I don't really want my parent's to know about it, they have enough of their own financial problems and I don't want to add additional pressure on them just because I can't deal with CRS. My personal circumstances are very difficult as I live with my parents, have no job and attending to Preston's University till the end of May. I have to relay on my parents right now if comes education and train & buses fares. If anyone can help me deal with my problem. Any help and advice will be very helpful to me and I appreciate it! Thanks Guys P.S sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes;)
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