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  1. The same month they agreed it was SB, they removed all trace, May/June 2015. Looking back through today I realised just how useful your advice was. Thank you! Tobe
  2. I realised I hadn't updated this post and thought anyone going through the same might find a conclusion helpful. The debt was removed from my credit history, something I had heard was impossible, and the debt was agreed to be Statute Barred. The paperwork was clearly well below par and both Marlin and Barclays wanted to get shot of me. Good luck to anyone else going through this. It's stressful but the advice I received here was good! Tobe
  3. Hi PPhagis - really interested to hear any updates or progress you might have had. I'm facing the same people and wonder whether they are actively pursuing. Tobe
  4. A DCA can’t submit court proceedings (CCJ/SD etc) for their client?
  5. That makes sense. Thank you. Why not? If the DCA were a solicitor acting on behalf of their client, they could submit papers for a statutory demand etc. Couldn’t they? If not, why? Music to my ears to be honest but just wondering what rationale lies behind ‘No’.
  6. The only problem with that is if I contact them then the status becomes current as it will reset the clock in Dubai. Although the DCA has no ‘powers’ they can issue a Statutory Demand and pursue me on the original creditor’s behalf. I either challenge this in the UK or reset the clock in UAE... I have no experience in this field (and no one seems to be able to offer a definitive opinion) but I’m hoping the UK system is applicable if taken to a British Court.
  7. Thank you both. I’m sure it’s SB (under UK terms). Can’t imagine DCA can bring UAE statute to a UK court. If the debt is covered by FCA rules surely UK laws/statutes apply too??? In a UAE court many things would be different. Ok, enough speculation, i’ll kick things off and let you know what happens. Thanks again. Tobe
  8. I’m not worried about Interpol, I’m not a big enough fish. I’m worried that this will escalate quickly and i’ll be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The general consensus seems to be request a prove it or CCA. Ignoring these guys, especially when you have assets, seems to be their ideal scenario. I’m not sure how to request docs if I believe this is SB. Does anyone know?
  9. Thank you. I will keep this post updated with full progress to help others.
  10. Thank you. I realise I’m probably sounding nervous. If the DCA request an SD that’s the first (and cheapest/easiest) step to filing bankruptcy isn’t it? CWD sound quite happy to issue an SD, looks like their MO if I’m reading threads properly.
  11. Yes I do own a flat but the equity is negligible. It might even be in negative equity. I’ve read lots of conflicting advice, some state the SB limitations are viewed by UAE ruling not UK. There seems to be no successful cases, or people don’t update their threads. I have a small child. is it worth putting forward a payment offer? At what point should I start truly panicking? I obviously don’t want to be homeless but can’t afford very much at all.
  12. Ok. Thank you. I’ll be back (panicking) if they issue SD. Going back through my paperwork and it was 7 yrs ago at least.
  13. I think around £15k from 7 yrs ago. Would statue barred be a defence? I know the limitations are longer in the UAE (15yrs I think) but if CWD aka IDRWW are going to make an SD that would be a UK court application.. which rules apply? Tobe
  14. Thank you for replying Dx. That seems too easy to believe. Is there any benefit from replying? At what stage should I start engaging with them? Tobe
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