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  1. Does this help?? IDEM CAPITAL SEC... (Lloyds Loan) £3,962.29 LLOYDS TSB CARDS... (Lloyds Credit Card) £506.31 CABOT FINANCIAL ...(Egg Credit Card) £430.78 SANTANDER (Current Acc O/D) £1705 I've previously successfully claimed PPI with Lloyds.
  2. Thanks for the replies. For starters I'm with Step Change. Have been for a number of years now and as far as I'm aware they're not fee playing fleecers??!! As far as my Egg Card goes I have nothing apart from the 6 monthly statements that Cabot send me. The only in info I can gain from this is the date I signed up to the card and the date it was passed to them by Egg. I only had a couple of grand on it and I'm down to about £400 now. Finally .... sorry for being thick but why do I need to request a copy of my CCA??
  3. Hi I'm currently on a DMP and paying off my Egg card through Cabot financial. Can I still put in a PPI claim and if so then who do I contact??
  4. This is my latest email to the company - Before I purchased your Saab 9-5, you told me that a lot of work had been carried out on the vehicle. Being used as a company vehicle/taxi, the service on the vehicle was thoroughly maintained. I need the information for my own records ... cam belt changes etc. As I now own the vehicle, I am entitled to this information as it belongs to the car. I'm not to sure as to the reason why you/your company are reluctant to pass this on to me?? Please can you arrange for any documentation to be emailed to me or posted to : I will take this matter further If not resolved. Regards, The reply was - Dear Sir, We have explained the situation in previous communications. If you are not happy with that, I'm sorry. The documents for the vehicle were made available at the garage. We haven't hidden anything from you, it is a £1230, 7 year old taxi with and was never sold as anything else. As far as taking further action in this matter, you have to do what you see fit. The documents made available were the service book and Mot. I spoke to the owner before purchasing who ran off a long list of work done. The documentation is there but they will not let me have it. Even timing belt change data and mileage would be handy!!
  5. I've recently purchased a car from an airport transfer company. Before I purchased the vehicle, I spoke to the owner that advised me that due to being classed as a taxi, the car has a meticulous service history with a lot of parts replaced due to the high mileage. I've now purchased the vehicle and now I'm having a wee bit of trouble obtaining the history from the company. Despite the history belonging to the car which I guess I'm entitled too, they wan't to charge ME as It'll cost their accountant to to obtain the documents. Obviously I'm refusing to pay anything and as It stands now, I'm getting no response from them. What can I do??
  6. Yep. That conforms I am thick and looking in the wrong place!! Cheers Blondebubbles!!
  7. Evening All!!! We called HMRC to ask for last years SA302 for a mortgage application. The advisor told us we could download it but he'll send a copy anyway. On receipt of the copy, it states that if you would like to download the SA302 then go to the HMRC website. We're filling ou 2nd year tomorrrow and need the SA302 for 13/14 ASAP. Either I'm thick or looking in the wrong place .... but as far as I can see, it's not possible???
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