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  1. Thanks for the advice again brassnecked, I have sent a email to both my local MP and the local council CEO leader, I will also be going to the local council office today to make them aware of what is going on. Will keep thread updated as and when I get more information.
  2. I did sign the agreement yes, Ive payed £67 of the total 328.11 on 3 payments. The last payment was a day late and now they are looking to take my stuff. The only visits I got was one when I were out, the second I made myself. I did know he was a bailiff and all he really did was say this is how much is owed how are you going to pay it. He did not explain what would happen if the payments stopped or were a day late.
  3. All i have on the document is; Amount due: 259.61 Levy Fee: 32.00 Walk Possession Fee: 12.00 Attendance/removal costs: 24.50 Total: 328.11 (Above was the agreed repayable amount) I will write up a letter and send this off the the local council now, will include the formal complaint about this too. I don't doubt that I owe the money its just the fees keep stacking up and its starting to cause real psychological tension. I find it hard to come to terms with it costs £32.00 to just use a pen on a piece of paper to write down what I have. Also, the sofa does not have the labels on. I assume that means they cannot take it then?
  4. The paperwork that I have, it does specify a liability order but it doesn't state how much the fee is.
  5. The items that were put down on levy were my pc-monitor which was mistaken for a television(its a big monitor), xbox 360, 2 coffee tables, wooden tv stand and my sofa. Strangely enough he didn't put down my computer, is this common or are they not allowed to take them? Only problem with not letting them in is I still get the extra charge also I did a little reading am I right in saying they can only charge you for two visits and would the removal of goods count as a visit?
  6. I did state on the housing benefit form that I had zero income and the new forms come with the council tax relief form too so yes they do know about it. So as of this point what are my options, do I just go to the local office and let them know whats happening. Of course I don't want this guy to come round as its an additional cost that I just cant afford. Also, thank you for the info brassnecked I really appreciate it. I did get a letter the over day from Chandlers stating any repayment methods after 6th April with include 7.5% increase in debt owed so I want to get this sorted asap.
  7. Yes, they have been in my home once before its how I got the repayment plan set up
  8. Hey forum users, I have a question about whats happened as of recent. I have a plan set up with chandlers to repay the amount owed on council tax, I was a SINGLE day late of a payment and now they are saying that they are coming to take my stuff, the reason the payment was a day late were due to losing my job not only have I lost my job there is also a high chance of losing my flat too. I've had to sign on to job seekers allowance and claim housing benefit until I get back into work. The guy on the phone said I have to now pay a extra £125 for them to come seize my possessions, what can I do in this situation I wont lie, i'm scared and I don't even know where I stand in this situation. Please help me, I just don't know what to do!
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