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  1. This is all I can find. Its a little blurry, If you can not read it let me know and I shall try again.
  2. Sorry for late reply, been really busy with work this week. ims21, I have been on to my account with creation and i could not download a an account form showing everything but I did select all text a paste on to excel. so I can see where charges have been made but its all abbreviated info. I can guess at a few ARR = arrears etc. I dont really know where to go from here. Can I post a picture to here or something for you guys to look at? I just want to get in contact with these people to sort things out. Im looking to buy a house and with this hanging over my head its going to be hard and credit rating is troubled. Im pretty clueless at this sort of stuff. Thanks again people
  3. Hi guys, I will try to hunt down the credit agreement forms, but have moved to new address so lots of boxes etc... I haven't paid anything yet, but obviously i need to get this sorted asap. The DCA I understand is called Clarity. I have saved a page from creations website listing when payments and charges have been made on my account with them, and I have also got bank statements showing money in account for times of non-payment (except March as I know I had no funds) If people can give me advice to say to the DCA or Creation would be great, as also I understand that as from tomorrow (7th April) i believe new, higher charges are applied by DCA's. Thanks again Oh and I am now back in UK
  4. Well, I believe there maybe a few people in similar situations but I don't wish to intrude on other peoples threads. Where to start, well I hate them! I had a 3 years interest free loan agreement through Creation via Ultralase. I started travelling 6 months into the agreement but always made sure that I had sufficient funds in my account to meet the monthly payments. No problems for the first 2 years then it all came tumbling down..... 1 month (march 2013) I did not have sufficient funds to pay, I was unaware of this but kind of knew I was low in my account any way, so later in March I transferred over enough money to pay for the next months and shortly after that I transferred enough to pay for the next 4 to 5 months. It was not until I checked my online account a couple of months after to see if i need to put more money in my account that I noticed nothing had been withdrawn via DD. I tried to get hold of creation via phone which was hard in Australia, and also sent 3 emails to them before I finally got a response. The said they cancelled DD because of non payment for March. I explained why I never new about it and basically that does not matter and they told me that my payment to bring account out of arrears was £850 give or take. So basically it was £110 I pay and according to them it was 3 months missed payments, the march one and the following May and June so they are charging me £520 in penalty fees. The only reason I never paid may and June was because they cancelled the DD which I was unaware of, as I did have money in my account to pay for them. Now I have collection agencies knocking at my door and it has destroyed, what was, a perfect credit rating. I have tried to reason with creation but they say its in the hands of collection agencies and when i speak to the collection they say they cant sort that out, speak to creation. I dont mind paying a late payment fee for March but not what works out to be £170-180 for it and I certainly do not want to pay fines for non payment after they cancelled DD. Any help or advice for this very stressful situation would be amazing. thanks for reading, sorry its long and maybe confusing
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