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  1. Thankyou for the reply. I checked back on my computer's internet history and it's puzzling but neither Click4profit or CreditMaze have been visited at all apart from me recently trying to find out who was taking money from our bank account. I sent them an email stating this fact and telling them that I want a full refund or I will go further about it. It amazes me that scams like this are allowed to freely work in this country in clear view. Again, thankyou for your help. I will report them as you said. Forums like this are invaluable to people needing help.
  2. Hello, I've recently found this forum extremely helpful. A couple of weeks ago my wife, in desperation to pay a bill, tried looking on some internet loan sites. Well as you can imagine, this led to broker's fees even though she said she clicked cancel at the last minute. Two companies have been contacted by phone, email and letter and have said they will give a full refund. Fingers crossed. But a third, 'CreditMaze', refused the recorded delivery letter we tried to send. We have just finally gotten them to answer their phone and they say that they can only give us back £30 of the £70 they took from our bank. They claim it's an administration fee. Is this true? Thankyou.
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