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  1. Thanks for the replies.


    My main concern regards things in the property that aren't mine.


    I don't have a car and I think the largest-value asset I have is £300 camera (that I use for an aspect of my work) I got for my birthday a year ago. Plus the usual sundry electronics and clothes/books etc.


    Like in my original post - my housemates have Apple laptops and our flat has a decent-sized TV, technology - plus musical instruments and the like (all bought by housemates before we moved into here). NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE MINE. And I obviously don't want to cause them any hassle for mistakes I have made?


    Now, the tricky thing here is I don't know if they have proof of purchase as it was so long ago so there's a difficulty as I can't prove the negative.


    Forgive my ignorance but I really don't know how bailiffs work in terms of choosing what to take control of as, basically anything of value in the house isn't mine. Is there guidance on this sort of thing and is there anything you would suggest I consider doing before any visit?

  2. Hi all,


    I need some help/advice.


    The last of my debts is a (technical) overpayment of wages from Sept last year.


    Basically, I took too much paid holiday before leaving so my final payslip was what I actually owed them.


    At the time I had a really bad hand injury (required surgery and lengthy rehab - I nearly cut my thumb off)


    Admittedly, I buried my head in the sand and ignored letters about the debt.


    In the end, my prev employer obtained a HC writ for the debt, plus associated costs.


    It's taken until now for my to reach this first stage with Marston and I received a Notice of enforcement letter last week.


    The letter says I need to pay the balance (£1000ish) by Dec 10th or agree a payment arrangement.


    I rang Marston to offer a payment arrangement - I want to pay it back, and I have a decent job now but I'm J-A-M so can't pay loads off at once - but they've said that they can only take payments at the moment and the account needs to progress to the next enforcement stage (plus an extra £200+ in fees) and I need to have an agent visit my property before they can agree an arrangement.


    I should say that any avenues of borrowing money (friends AND family) are closed. I've borrowed (and paid back) money to so many people I've basically had the last of my last chances - this is my problem.


    Now, I live in a flat with two mates and I'm really worried that these bailiffs will try and take my mates' stuff to pay my debt. We're all late-20s and have a fair amount of stuff accumulated but may not have purchase receipts for everything - both housemates have Apple Macs they use for work for example.


    Over the past 5/6 years I've struggled to to off various debts, ruining my CR in the process. I've paid extortionate fees etc etc.


    I've read about sending a letter to offer the arrangement but is there anything else I should do or any advice you have? Thanks in advance

  3. Hi all,


    Here's the situation:


    Opened a student account in 2007 with full overdraft and extended this a couple of times as per the normal rules and up to the max available limit of £2000


    Ever since graduating have had financial difficulties with other credit cards and payday loans which are now (thankfully!) resolved. This is my last debt and i want to get rid, i want to pay it off but Natwest don't seem to want to help.


    I have already opened another account with first direct and have switched over my wages and other regular s/o and d/d so my ongoing financial commitments are covered.


    Currently, the account balance is around £2050 - incidentally, it was fees and interest that took me over the agreed limit - something that happens almost every month - (last month was charged over £100 in fees alone.


    I want to pay what i owe them back - but so far their only communication has been a request to settle outstanding funds within 7 days - and whilst i'm in better financial position than i was, i haven't got the ability to rustle up that kind of money. Similarly, a telephone conversation this afternoon basically stated that i should just keep paying off in dribs and drabs until the overdraft is cleared. Nevertheless, all i want is an agreement in writing saying x amount to be paid monthly until the outstanding is cleared. Will be keeping all communication in writing in the future.


    How do i proceed? Any help would be hugely appreciated!

  4. How much was the payment for? If its for a fair amount, i would issue them a last chance letter giving them 7-14 days to refund the payment in full. If they refuse, issue a 7 day lba then on the 7th day get the court papers going.


    Lending stream and a few other PDL's are nothing more than legal loan sharks. Even the media and many MP's agree. They will be very reluctant to do anything unless you force them to.


    It wa sonly for £30 - what i cant understand is that i made the mistae once in May and that was refunded really fast (within 10 mins) but now they're refusing to acknowledge that even this happened

  5. Hi Guys,


    long time reader and first-time poster.


    I got into a lot of trouble with pay-day loans and have almost paid off all of them. This, as you know, has ruined my credit rating making my chances of a mortgage etc in the future nearly impossible (i'm 25 so have little chance of getting on the property ladder until i'm into my 30s) - this all despite me being in a well-paid(ish) job etc.


    I had a payment plan set-up with lending stream - after taking advice from this site i set it as a standing order - this was to end in April.


    However, RL got in the way of a few things and i forgot to cancel it - i noticed in early June and they refunded the first overpayment.


    Unfortunately, a further payment was sent in June too.


    When i called them, they said they couldn't find any overpayment on my records and said they'd give me the benefit of the doubt and refund based on a copy of my bank statement being sent showing the payment. I obliged and i got some BS back saying they only had payments until April and that i should send a picture that hasn't been edited (it wasn't).


    The amount isn't massive, but its more the principle than anything else having paid them well over the odds already. Any advice?


    TL:DR - paid LS too much, now they won't give it back

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