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  1. Hi I have been on ESA contribution based for a while I did passed my first WCA and been put into Work Related Group. I was claiming ESA because I was awaiting operation for gallbladder removal and I did suffer from depression, anxiety, have blackouts, panic attacks and fainting's. On 26/9/16 DWP send me to second WCA. Although I did have operation behind me I still suffer from the things I mention above. I'm taking antidepressants, awaiting hospital appointment with cardiologist and starting Stress Control Course (I showed letters with those appointments at WCA). I don't know what to expect no
  2. My problem is that I was for a while on JSA Income based. Recently I have signed off as for 100% I was sure I'm starting job. I went for an induction on Friday I been told (there were few people with me) that on Tuesday/Wednesday I will start work at the factory. Today early in the morning lady from the agency called me that this job has been cancelled at the moment as the factory and probably they will have job in SEPTEMBER!! as I was on induction and passed test they will keep my details and contact me. When I asked that lady from the agency do they have any other job as I just signed off JS
  3. I was applying for JSA Income Based with Housing Benefit on 11th of May. On saturday I received letter saying I have passed habitual residency test. So I'm hoping that I will get jsa, my question is how long will it take for a decision for housing benefit and who will notify me of council or dwp ? as I was applying for it together with jsa.
  4. So after lots of problems with jobcentre with my claim for jsa income based today I've received paper saying that I have passed the right to reside and habitual residence test. Does that mean I will get JSA?
  5. So I went to the jobcentre, for the start I've been told by the lady from the desk they cannot check what's going on I must rang processing team. I told that I've many many calls within last 3 weeks her response was they cannot help me 'til I made a call straight from jobcentre. So I've rang again, been told they don't have jsa3 form need to fill it again, he book me appointment to scan documents right away. After this need to call them to apply for short-term benefit advance, So I've done this, adviser who scanned documents also was surprised that I have problems like this as he saw my letter
  6. I have rang them yesterday and they told that my jsa is not in payment until they have my papers back. I know it's all confusing. For me it's strange that 2 persons are saying they don't have jsa income based form and the third person says different thing that it's all about habitual residency test. I'm taking all my papers included letter saying that I've been awarded with income based jsa to found what's really going on. Like I wrote before it's not my fault.
  7. Hi, I have problems with Job Centre. It's a long and twisted story so I try to cut it short. My Contribution Based JSA has run out on 19/03 before has run out I've received forms for habitual residency test (as I'm from Poland) with some problems from side of jobcentre (as they didn't understand why I have received those forms and giving me 3 different information's) finally on 20/03 somebody took those forms plus other documents (included form for income based jsa) from me and scan them 2 the processing team, on the same day I've received call that everything is fine and I will get income bas
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