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  1. hiya I was parked at Manchester eye hospital displaying my blue badge and when I got back to my car I had a ticket saying valid permit not displayed ?? do I have to pay the ticket ?? its from park solve I did have my disabled badge displayed !!!
  2. is this how transferring to pip is going to be ??!!,,,,,,,, hell ??
  3. hiya iv rang pip twice and rang dla 3 times dla have said they are unsure why pip lady gave me this info ?? she is going to contact someone and get back to me maybe Monday regarding this and the info I have been given this all started after I had rang to starting my pip claim !!! now im getting confused ??!!
  4. i have just rang the pip number given to start the change from DLA TO PIP and was told by pip woman to ring DLA woman to tell her that pip woman says iv to tell the DLA woman that I have an indefinite date award and why have I been sent this letter ?? and that the PIP woman has to tell the DLA woman I AM ON A INDEFINATE AWARD not me so again im trying to contact the pip woman to tell her what the dla woman has said .... im confused even more now !!!
  5. So is the letter I got a bog standard letter to change from D.L.A TO P.I.P. ??
  6. does this mean me ??? I have indefinite award, "At the moment, the only people being reassessed from DLA to PIP should be under the 'natural reassessment' system, which only applies to DLA claimants living in the 'natural reassessment' area (which includes all M postcodes) who reach the age of 16, reach the end of a fixed term award, report a change of circumstances or volunteer to be reassessed now."
  7. hi im on D.L.A indefinite and have been on years ( HRC and HRM ) I live in the "M22" area, , I understood I shouldn't be re-assessed from around oct 2015 to oct 2017 ? I have had a re-assessment letter delivered to me on 21st January 2015 saying I have to ring up before 18th feb to start my re-assessment from D.L.A to P.I.P SAYING they have invited me to claim P.I.P ? can you tell me why I have been "invited" to be reassessed early ? instead of 2015 to 2017 ?? like advertised nothing has changed in my condition or in my life to getting worried why I have been selected ??
  8. I knew it was her that had reported me , it was 14th January as we wer in couct a week later, they said it was an internet allegation, she works with computers and he said I worked for my friend and got paid cash in hand twice a week! she knows I go my friends twice a week whilst her hubby is at the office , theres only her that knows I go there no one else round here knows I go there or know me ! at least its over for now ?!! thankyou again I went to lie on the bed around 3pm as I was shattered and fell asleep to7pm then was awake all night sort of !!
  9. hiya all just an update I got to the office with my 2 daughters 1 came in with me the other sat out side I took a whole file of info they asked for my printer run out of ink !! he said it was just to make sure my benefits wer in order but I did ask him if I had been reported he did his writeing and then said yes I had been reported from the internet and I was working for my friend and getting paid cash in hand m which I denied he asked if I knew who might of reported me I said no one as I haven't done any work but if I had I would be the ec daughter in law but before I told him who it cud o
  10. todays t day been awake all night had police here at 11pm prowler in area BUT he knocks on my door( had to be didn't it !!) im shakeing with lack of sleep and nerves ,plus im soooo cold oh well here I go !! thanks all xxxx
  11. Hahaha mr p that was lovely ,,at least you got a smile outof me thanks xxxx
  12. my ESA was ment to go in on Wednesday it went in around 2.30am !! panic mode x see im not on my own worrying about things to do with J,C,P !! thankyou all I will keep you updated xxxxx
  13. antone thanks for all the support youv given xx thankyou to all the other people who have given me so much help and support and answered my worries I just want Monday morning to be over then at least I will know what its all over x thankyou all xx
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