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  1. thank you so much everyone. yep onwards and upwards for me. im going to put it behind me and get on with my life. xxxx
  2. hi just an update: i was in court yesterday and i got a conditional discharge and £15.00 surcharge and £85.00 court costs. i am so glad its all over now. xxx
  3. Hi Roch Roch, I went to court on that weds at 9.45am. I waited until 11.45 to be seen, my solicitor asked for a report to be done by the probation service. but it was too late to be heard that day so it has been adjourned for tomorrow. the probation officer said that she would recommend a conditional discharge as she can see how easy it was for me to make the mistake and that she did not believe that I intentionally went out of my way to commit a crime. she said if they dont go for the conditional discharge then she would recommend a curfew, she wouldnt recommend a fine as she said i
  4. hi honeybee thank you so much. its not completely over yet but im getting there.
  5. Hi Just a quick update. I went to court at 9.30am yesterday, my legal aid came through at the last minute, I had to wait such a long time and when I finally went in my solicitor asked for a probation report because I had pleaded guilty. Then I waited until 2pm to see the probation people. I must say the lady was lovely and she understood my circumstances and that my claim was not fraudulent from the beginning so she said that she would recommend that they sentence be a conditional discharge but if the magistrates don't agree with that then she would want to ask for a curfew. This is be
  6. my court date is tomorrow. i cant get hold of my solicitor. i dont know if legal aid has been granted or not. solicitor's office isnt answering. im really really freaking out. i dont know what to do he has all my paper work and my court time is 9.45am.
  7. Hi Roch Roch, I am sorry, I know this is a late reply but I am so happy for you. I have a court date on weds and I don't know what the outcome will be but I am hoping for one like yours. I am glad to hear that that everyone was really nice. All the best. xxx
  8. aaah. thank you so much. i was beside myself with worry. im so stressed out by this whole thing. i can eat or sleep. im just praying that i could get it out of the was on wednesday. i hope all this stress doesnt have a knock on effect on the baby. xxx
  9. hi antone. im glad to hear that about your daughter. its very reassuring. as to the adjourning the case. i think you are right. we'll see what happens on monday. thank you.
  10. oh my god. i really wanted it out of the way so i can concentrate on my babies but if thats normal then its ok too. i just hope that after all that the dont turn me down. i had a check up and a scan today and the baby's growth is a little slow so i have to go back in 2 weeks for another scan. i hope im not letting this case get to me and affect the baby. its just hard not to worry. thanks xxx
  11. yeah. i just off the phone to her and she said thst they havent processed the application yet but they will chase them on monday. im just getting anxious now. do you think i could pay the solicitor in installments?
  12. hi all my court date is looming (weds). i have been chasing my solicitor for 3 days now and he hasnt got back to me. i dont know what to do. i dont kbow if legal aid has been granted or not and im not sure what to do next. its such a mess.
  13. yes. he says there is enough evidence to get it reduced. i hope they will but he said to plead guilty but he wilk try to reduce it.
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