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  1. Many thanks esmerobbo for the info. I'm sure other 'offenders' will benefit greatly from the info you've provided. I think it should be made a 'sticky'!
  2. I cannot use the PM function. I've read other posts on this subject and am looking for assistance. I am a new member, I've not been able to PM anyone ( except a plea to citizenB as posts to service team are allowed). I'm trying to get POPLA info from another member as my appeal has to be in before the end of the week. Help
  3. I was particularly struck by the parking prankster's revelation that: 'A set of the byelaws for the Liverpool Airport have now been obtained from a reliable source, Liverpool City Council, which sets out the airport’s stance on roadway use, or misuse. It also lays down a penalty upon summary conviction for a breach of the byelaws of £5 for the 1st offence and a further amount of 40 shillings for a continued daily breach.' I gather that these byelaws were current during November 2013 - and probably still are today! VCS's overheads must be exceedingly high.
  4. My thanks go to everyone who has contributed information, suggestions and support. I did spend quite a long time browsing through the parking prankster's blog - I have a lot of admiration for the crusade he is waging against these companies. As I see it, I have one shot at this POPLA appeal. I know that even if this in not upheld all is definitely not lost - but I'd rather not have to face the possibility of a court appearance. Pushing three score & ten, I've had my fill of such money-grabbing parasites!
  5. Thanks Armadillo, I know I don't need to send a long POPLA - probably the more concise & focused the better. However, for a guide on how to select & present my best arguments, this must surely be helpful. I've read that some appellants have lost their case through a misguided approach.
  6. Had a look through a POPLA search - but cannot find the best way to pitch an appeal to get a (hopefully) successful outcome. Any pointers from other appellants would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks esmerobbo I am within the time period and will look at other people's responses before putting pen to paper (or the email option might be better).
  8. @ f16 & ericsbrother: If the POPLA code you refer to is a 'verification code' that is given at the bottom of the appeal form, then we have indeed received one. I hadn't realised the significance of it, but we can now plan our 'defence'.
  9. Having read other posts on this forum, I see I am one of many caught by the infamous VCS. One rainy, evening in January I picked up our niece at JLA. I used the short stay car park (payment logged on card statement). I drove out of the airport and pulled over briefly on the access road to reset the satnav for the journey home. The stop was no more than 40secs I reckon, no-one got in or out, and then I drove on. The PCN arrived the following weekend. As advised by this forum, a reply from the Registered Keeper (not me) gave a very brief, non-committal response, explanation re the poor visibil
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