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  1. I intend to take this as far as I can now to highlight the way DSG deals with risks and their failings in duty of care to customers. Whilst the staffing levels may negate the requirement for a trained first aider on site the legal minimum is an appointed person to take charge in such incidents. This never happened and the asst manager had to be prompted on what to do proving he was untrained to deal with incidents in store. The annual risk assessments completed as stated by DSG H&S are in accordance with the law. A statement that would be correct if nothing ch
  2. My wife and I went to the PC World/ Currys store in Brentford to look at purchasing a new dish washer, when she opened the door on one of the integrated appliances the fascia fell off on to her foot. The first member of staff simply stated he wasn't qualified to deal with it and walked off with very little concern, the asst manager came over and looked vague as to how to deal with it having to be prompted for a duty first aider which he stated they don't have in store. When asked for a cold compress he returned with a pack of frozen chips and was concerned about putting them into a
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