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  1. :-):-)I have just sent a donation to the site ,:-) Once again I would like to thank you all for taking the time to help, being partially sighted it has been hard at times to see some of the iformation if i was not on my own computer and it has been very hard reeding through all the PE monster pack they sent to court. Going to get a lovely cup of tea now to celebrate XXX XXX
  2. :clap2:Big thanks again to all Judge was influenced by a couple of cases the advocate quoted re signs and the £100 and she also read some of the cases we quoted from pprankster even though advocate got that bit chucked out. Advocate was angry and wanted to know where we had got case details from (we didnt tell!) On the whole advocate was very good and we had a no hard feelings moment after the hearing she also said after case that PE pay over twice the amount claimed to her to represent them. SYNTH XXXXXX To all of you
  3. :whoo:GREAT NEWS WE WON!!! Spoke at length beforehand to PE advocate and showed them that hotel had closed down on the morning, they were not happy but called PE before the case was heard and PE wanted it to go ahead, advocate tried to get new evidence turfed out as inadmissable because it was out of time for submission but Madam Judge accepted it was very relevant to case. Advocate was very firm on PEs behalf but reluctantly accepted Judges decision to allow the evidence. Judge said PE's signage and charge of £100 was reasonable but dismissed the witness statement from the new hotel owners as not being relevant as they werent the owners at the time, Judge also was mildly unhappy that they had not produced a contract to prove that they were able to bring a claim, as the Judge summed up it seemed that things were going PEs way but she said on balance that PE didnt prove that they had the right to bring the claim with the news that the hotel had closed down that morning it should be dismissed and found in my daughters favour. Advocate went from being friendly to angry to pleasant at the beginning, during and at the end of the hearing. All in all a good result but a close one I think. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE HELPED ON HERE XXXX
  4. Hi everyone, no response again from PE or the court so it looks like it will go ahead which is tomorrow, any last minute tips or advice would be welcome Cheers Synth
  5. Thanks everyone we have sent the letter off to Court and PE and will keep you updated Cheers Synth
  6. Hi everyone it's been a while, PE totally ignored my letter I sent in April even though I know it was signed for and now they have sent another long winded document to her and have given a hearing date in early August, their letter says: Please find enclosed the claimants witness statement and supporting documents, the claimant will not be in attendance at the hearing, in order to minimise costs that would then have to be sought from the other side. Attendance for the claimant will be through its agent from LPC law. We request that the matter be decided in the presence of our advocate from LPC law and confirm our agreement that the matter can be decided in the absence of the claimant. please note that this bundle contains the judgement given in the test case before HHJ Moloney QC to consider the relevant law.Judgemt was given in Parking Eyes favour on all defence points raised. Any further help would be gratefully appreciated Synth
  7. Thanks ericsbrother I will see my daughter tomorrow and we will fill it in. Have a great easter! Cheers Synth
  8. My daughter received a letter today from the court asking for her to return a N180 form Directions Questionnaire and giving 7 days to return, it was posted 14th Jan and seven days is BH monday? She hasnt had a N180 form so we will download and return. Any comments or advice what needs to be put on this form please? Many thanks Synth
  9. 13 days after they signed for the letter I sent and nothing back from them, zilch, is it just a waiting game now or is their something else I should be doing. Thanks to all for your help Synth
  10. Update my letter was signed for next day at PE but heard nothing back yet Synth
  11. Thanks eriscsbrother I have sent a letter now with the information from your post, I will keep you all informed. Kind regards Synth
  12. Hi Guys, the court papers say the 26th but she parked on the evening of the 23rd but the hotel had already closed down at the time when she parked. I would think that as the hotel closed that day the contract might be void? I have asked for a copy of the contract with the landowner and awaiting reply. Cheers Synth
  13. Not sure if I have done this right as it is difficult for me to zoom in and see so here goes POC as a pdf thanks to f16 and others for help Synth
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