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  1. I first want to establish whether my 'little digging' did actually uncover where this default came from. I don't want to have been mistaken after all. I think sending the CCA request to them will at least allow me peace of mind that it did come from h&m - after all my ex may well have paid for it and this is something completely different! Although for the life of me I cannot think what it would be if it is not - anyway i'm clutching at straws now and over thinking... Cheers anyway, i'll post what happens when i receive a reply to the CCA request.
  2. Ok thanks ever so much for your advice. So to clarify - i send the CCA to Gothia as they now own the debt? I do not have an account number so will it suffice to simply quote my old and current address? Kind Regards
  3. I think i'm going to follow the processes suggested in other similar threads. When i log into my h&m account, there is no indication that there is or has ever been a delinquent account and I haven't placed an order with them in about 3 years (save this order in question that my ex conducted). My main concern is that when the 6 year 'industry standard' period is over it will snowball into something much more difficult to deal with, e.g. a CCJ. Kind Regards
  4. Hi dx100uk, If it was defaulted by the them prior to passing to the incumbent Gothia, would it not be in there name? Or would they have simply indicated with the relevant credit agencies that it had passed to them? Kind Regards
  5. Hi Stigman thanks for your reply. The goods were ordered in my name. I did not consent them being so and in particular would certainly not have consented to a mail order. This was within a 1-2 month period of when we broke up and she 'assured' me that she would pay it and so i believed she would be true to her word. I don't doubt the liability is mine as in hindsight i should have simply returned them and asked her to order them in her own name, but alas I was young and naive. I'm not concerned about the amount of money and chasing this up with her would be hell in itself as she has moved to Australia. I'm primarily concerned with what I should do now - wait for it to be Statute Barred (terminology?) or come to an agreement with them and have it settled now. Kind Regards
  6. Hello all, I have recently viewed my Credit Report as I was declined credit on goods I wished to purchase and noticed that Gothia Limited placed a Default on my file dating 06/10/2011 to the sum of £168. Doing a little digging into this I uncovered that in my last year of university my ex-girlfriend purchased some goods from h&m in a 'pay after you have received them' type situation. The start date is listed as April 2011 which is when i assume that she had ordered the goods. I do recall receiving some (what I deemed to be) incredibly suspicious letters regarding monies to this amount owed, however I naively discarded them as spam - i genuinely did not have a clue that it was regarding a real debt. I also vaguely recall the names of various companies whilst reading on this forum: red castle (spelling?) Buckanan Clark Wells (Spelling?). I recall receiving this communication to my parents house where i currently reside - i have not been to the previous address since the year that we lived there. I have attempted to read through all of the various threads on here regarding advice on these matters and on various other websites - much to my dismay I am still rather non-the-wiser as to what I should do. Again apologies for my ignorance on the matter but i truly have no idea whether to communicate with them and attempt to pay and have it marked settled or simply wait until what i understand to be 06/10/2017 when it would drop off automatically. If i have omitted any information please do let me know and I appreciate any advice. Kind Regards
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