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  1. Yes exactly what i was thinking I will phone them & get an address. I'd rather write so I have evidence.
  2. Thank you. Yes you are correct & I've made it clear they are Harassing me. Now i know that this is not right for them to behave in this way and that I dont have to give them any information Im not going to just keep quiet anymore hoping that they will go away. My local police are helpful so going to pop into see them to get some advice. I still can't believe they came to my house. Just want them to stop calling me
  3. Thanks for your reply, I have phoned the jobcentre today but unfortunately the Jobcentre said they couldn't help & told me to take it up with Ingeus & to follow the complaints procedure that they have in place. The Jobcentre did apologise that there was a problem closing my Esa claim because I'd been sanctioned so many times & each sanction had to be looked in by decision makers before my claim could be closed & my Esa claim was only closed a few week ago. They have however given me the phone number for my local admin department for Ingeus so not sure wether i want to phone the
  4. Thank you. I was sanctioned at end of Nov & had to write to jobcentre reason why I wasn't going to my appointments.But I cancelled esa myself on 1st Dec.
  5. I'm a single parent of a wonderful 12yr old . I unfortunately became unwell & had to undergo the ordeal of claiming ESA. I failed the atos medical assessment, appealed & won only to have another atos medical assessment sent to me a few week later. Even though the GP & Medical professionals had written to say my recovery would take no less than a year the job centre was told by atos i would be better in less than 3mths! I was then referred to Ingeus. Ingeus gave me forms to sign & I didn't sign any of them. The jobcentre gave Ingeus details of my address & phone number
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