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  1. I would urdge anybody who has ever had a dealing with this company to request a SAR Dated 12/08/2011 Notices of Arrears amount £84.63 Dated: 14/09/2011 Notice of Default amount £69.99 Yet, No payment were made between those dates . Can anybody guess why this might be? or have an insight in to it? Cheers
  2. BRIGADIER2JCS Thanks for your response, to avoid doubt can i just confirm that the default balance on the CRA should equal the default letter amount, (CRA states £314, Letter states £84.63) Thanks, I will post up my letter later once its finished
  3. I will get that issue sorted sorry for thr continue questions, but can I confirm that a default amount registered on the Cra should equal the one on the letter ? Not the total balance of the card ?
  4. Well, little update. SAR request came, confirms that the default was incorrectly filed (wrong amount ) The sting in the tail is, and I really do need some advice on this... I receieved somebody elses SAR request... I will dispose of it sercurely and call the guy, but what do I do now ?? To confirm , o received two sar requests, mine and somebody elses
  5. Good point, two SARs would cost me more
  6. Silverfox, That's the default amount on my credit file, The account is closed. I tried to call orange to pay it and they said the debt has been sold on. I asked them to explain why I've still got my EE contract when i have a default with Orange, and they could not give me an answer - they simply had no clue as to why this amount is outstanding - do i SAR both orange and Arrow? Thanks
  7. Realistically Yes, this happened when i upgraded my contract, as they are now EE, I had to close the old account (Orange) and open the new account with EE. I Paid the early upgrade fee(£120ish) and that was that, I'm still on the same account that i upgraded.
  8. Checked my credit file, Had a default from Arrow for £9.52. So i sent them a letter asking for a CCA agreement (was unaware mobile wasnt covered for this). They have responded with the following After some advice to go back at them, My next approach will be my SAR request - how ever mobile phone accounts are somewhat hard to over come, its very annoying to be default for such a small number. Any tips and advice would be most welcomed.
  9. Nope, no paper work at all hence the sar request, even if they did send one it would be wrong as they over charged interest for 12months. Just a complete show of incompetence from them
  10. The origanal issue is, I have a SAR request due to arrive this week, I will be adding the charges to the complaint too.
  11. James, do you still need these removed. I have copies and screen shots of their site stating the following "This will help your credit rating" this information was on their website from mid 2009-early 2012. I'm currently using this information coupled with irresponsible lending .
  12. Many thanks, I have requested a SAR so will be able to see what comes back, I must admit, the exec did sound like he was on work experiance, had to go away and check a lot of stuff with a co workers
  13. Thanks ford, I will wait for there final response before taking it to another level, Are you aware if I'm still able to claim back CC charges?
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