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  1. Thank you I will pass this onto him. Odd though that Rossendales doesn't include the date of the 'ticket'. If he replies should we mention that we have no recollection of the event as they have failed to include date/time? Many thanks
  2. Hi he was parked at a retail park-the ticket was from a company called Excell. (I think they are a private company rather than instructed by the council?)
  3. Sorry have just phoned my mum-dad was parked in disabled bay and displaying his blue badge-when he spotted that it was a payable carpark he returned thinking he may have to pay. Then he spotted the attendant who said that the badge wasn't clearly displayed enough
  4. Hi I wonder if anyone be able to help, I'm posting on behalf of my father who a number of years ago (May 2011)received a PCN from Excel parking, at the he ignored this (he actually was only parked for less than 5 minutes before he returned to find him being ticketed-he hadn't realised it was a payable carpark as when he realised he returned) He today received a letter from Rossendales Collect stating that the debt has been sold onto them and they can offer a reduced payment of £100 and in accordance to 'something' act they can recover debt up to 6 years. (unfortunately I don't have
  5. I didn't get any points for any of it, just shows on licence. So it is right then that its on twice.
  6. Hi, I'm after a bit of help again. In November 2010 I was convicted of Dangerous driving and also for 2 tyres On my Licence it shows 1x DD40 and 2x CU30 (Using a vehicle with defective tyres) I read somewhere that you only get fined once of a CU30 and therefore if you had 1 or more tyres below the legal limits you would only get one fine, So if this is the case should I have 2 CU30's on my licence? If not what do I do? I know I can have them removed from my licence after 4 years but need to inform my insurance for 5 years, if I only have one CU30 on my licence it shou
  7. Sorry the wording was: 'We have now reviewed your liability and can confirm that you are no longer required to make a contribution. '
  8. Hi After a few letters going back and forth between LA and myself I asked for them to supply me with a copy of the legal aid application form they kept referring to. LA stated Rossendales had it. Rossendales stated the court had it, crown court failed to respond to my requests for a copy. No one seemed to be able to tell us the date we applied or any information contained within the form I signed. Very long story short... ... I received a letter today to inform me that an error had been made and the capital contribution order has been REVOKED!!
  9. I wrote to Legal Aid stating that whilst I did have equity in the property I was unable to access a portion of it to pay in full. I stated that I could offer a monthly payment but was unwilling to pay Rossendales a monthly admin fee. LA have written back saying they are unable to discuss payment /payment plans and we have to deal with and make offers to Rossendales. Surely LA as 'owners' of the debt can say they accept the offer?? What should I do next??
  10. Many thanks for your help. They said 'regulation 34'! Unfortunately there isnt a law centre in my area that will help- the only one said they cant help as only deal with immigration and employment law.
  11. I have received a letter today from Leagl Aid, confirming that they can assess the value of the property whenever they want. Thy acknowledged that its been dlightky longer than the 6 months to send out the order following the case (38 months) it seems like there is absolutely nothing I can do about them sitting and waiting till the house has increased in value/the mortgage has reduced. Im reluctant to pay Rossendales but legal aid insist I cant pay them direct -any advice on how to pay them, Rossendales charge a fee to pay monthly by card Im going to struggle to pay
  12. I havent had a reply to the letter I sent to Legal aid so telephoned them today. The .gov site states that the capital contribution order is based upon the time of application. (it also says the order will be made within 6 months of the case ending, it was 38 months after conculsion when I got the letter) I telephoned Legal Aid this morning and quoted the relevant section to them, they have said 'regulations state they can assess at any time' They have also said that they have no facilities to take payments and we have to pay Rossendales direct. If we can eventuall
  13. I telephoned Legal Aid today to ensure any action was on hold whilst the matter resolved, they have said that the figures are based upon the value and the mortgage remaining on the propery now rather than at the time of application. Is anyone able to confirm that this is correct as I was under the impression it was from time of application. LA have also said that payments/payment plans etc have to be made with Rossendales. Rossendales charge a fee with each payment, which will add to the 'debt' Will Rossendales expect an income and expenditure list and fo
  14. Got another letter from rossendales should I ignor it or call legal aid, I sent a letter to legal aid that they received on thursday.
  15. I wrote to Legal Aid last week via recorded delivery ( it's not showing as delivered yet, I guess due to the bank holidays) This evening my wife received a call from Rossendales asking for me, when she said I wasn't in they said they were calling about the legal aid debt and wanted to talk with someone and would discuss it with her. She said we would prefer to correspond via letter, man from Rossendales said that we couldn't have letters going back and forth. Guess I just wait for a reply from Legal aid?
  16. Should I send a copy to rossendales aswell. LA are passing the letters to them anyway. If I have to pay could I pay direct to LA or could they insist I pay rossendales?
  17. What should I do? Am I liable for it? Don't want LA taking me to court for it Should I do an I&E and make them an offer? The mortgage amount is incorrect for the date of application, on my calculations it only reduces the amount we have to pay by £200 but its still better. Shoul I send them proof of this?
  18. On 1st April 2014, I wrote to Legal Aid asking for a full breakdown of what I owed and why. I today received a letter from Rossendales stating that my letter had been passed to them to clarify matters for me. Whilst the property value they state in the letter is probably correct for the time when I applied for legal aid, the mortgage amount is incorrect and this is what I owe now rather than what I did back in 2010. It doesn't state the date the application for legal aid was made - so I cannot work out exactly what was owed on the mortgage at the point of application
  19. Thank you, I had been reading about something called mortgage disregard on citizens advice website and it said you can deduct 3% from market value of your home for sales costs... Wondering if this is out of date/incorrect. Also have read about receiving the order more than 21 days after the end or proceedings denies the right to appeal??
  20. I've have a couple of questions and wondered if anyone knows the answers. Is there a time limit following the end of the court case you can be asked for capital contributions- I've read 6 months but not sure if that's correct. Over 2 years since end of cases seems a particularly long time to wait to be in touch. Are you 'allowed' to take a percentage off the equity as in theory if you were to sell you would use equity to cover solicitors fees/estate agent fees. is the equity/value of home assessed on date of application or the date rossendales sent the letter ? (I've requested
  21. I've managed to find the details of a local estate agents valuation done on our home in April 2010, Ive requested a copy of the mortgage statement from 2010. If this does show that I have anything more than £30,000 equity in the house does that mean I have to pay up regardless of the time that has elapsed? Do I take an amount off the equity to account for estate agents fees/solicitors fees as this would come out of the equity in theory. Am really worried about ignoring Rossendales as am concerned that once the end of April comes they will apply to court for a piece of paper and end u
  22. Do I need to quote anything from a legal point of view or should I just keep it very simple?
  23. Took the morning off work to go to citizens advice, they said write to rossers asking then to suspend further action whilst matter is resolved and to ask them for clarification of how the amount was decided and to put in the letter, If they are not prepared to review their assessment we would like to make an offer of a monthly payment (I'm not keen with going straight in saying ok we will give you the £32406) Would you advise me to write to legal aid asking them to suspend further action and for clarification on why we owe an additional payment and a breakdown of how the figure w
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