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  1. Hello everybody I would be grateful if anybody could give me some serious advice... I signed up with ATL Practical Training a year ago to train to be a gas engineer, found the help from the 'tutors' very minimal so I stopped doing the course. I am now interested in training again to become a gas engineer, but when I researched ATL I found they are also known as many other company names such as 'Metropolitan International Schools Ltd' and now 'ERR' (according to City and Guilds)?? I was also told I could cancel the course at any time, which I have found is not the case and would have to pay £3000 to cancel it through Career Finance 4 Trade Skills Ltd!! It seems a lot of people have had problems with them, and are in the same boat. This sounds very much like a [problem] and I was wondering whether anyone has done any training with ATL? If so, did you have any problems? Also, did you get your qualifications in the end and were they up to date? I would also be grateful if anyone can recommend any gas engineering courses? Thanks everyone Tony
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