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  1. I still intend to challenge it because they are not getting away with blatantly lying to my face. I have a few avenues to go down and I will visit them all.
  2. I reached that stage on monday. She thinks shes clever and was visable annoyed on monday when I informed her I had had her sanction overturned. Shes well known at my JC+ for being hell bent on sanctioning people and making our lives a misery.
  3. I can use my phone, the screen goes black but keeps recording with nothing but the blue LED notification light flashing. Plop it on the desk in front of me and sorted. I have no intention at all of handing over my original letters and the post office round the corner can photocopy them for me. Yes I am keeping all bus tickets £4.20 a day so yes they will be paying it back.
  4. I know all about inappropriate sanctions, my advisor sanctioned me the 2nd time she saw me. She said I hadnt been doing my jobsearch,applying for jobs etc. Its amazing how that same day my first universal jobmatch account vanished off their system (I believe she used that as a reason to sanctiopn me). I appealed it, won made a new uj account and denied them access to it. My advisor is obviously trying to trip me up and has been trying to since she first met me. She did this with ingeus and a 4 week work thing. I guess recording all meeting is the only way I can cover myself, I was also denied changing advisor and was told flat out no it cant be done.
  5. Thankyou very much, I fully intend to dig my heels in with this one and Im sick of my advisor treating me like crap. She saw me quite obviously as an easy target.
  6. I went to this course today and spent most of the day in groups (like school children) putting together a cover letter for an imaginary job. The last part of the day was spent with me glaring open mouthed at a woman, who has been signing on for over 10 years with no problems and is only actively seeking a job now so her husband can move over from India. I gained nothing. They apparently mainly offer IT courses with very few computers so yes so far seems rather pointless. The tutor also didnt make it through university and does not inspire much confidance. I have no doubt in my mind the floor manager I spoke to does not give a single crap about what happened. I certainly intend to write a formal complaint to the highest manager at my JC+ about this. My advisor discussed nothing with me about this other than telling me it was an interview and maybe a quick skills test to see if and what they could help Me with. No expenses mentioned, paperwork etc nothing. She also flat out lied to the floor manager telling him she told me everything which is what made me snap. How do I find out who my DWP district manager is? last time I tried to direct contact my JC+ via phone I was given a number for Leeds, not helpful when I live in Leicester. I have no idea who PCS union are but I shall google away. As for the letters I was given by my advisor about this, the course tutor wanted me to hand over one for their records (the one that states I am there for an interview, the other says to just turn up to this place), I so far have managed to keep hold of it. Just to add about the interview letter, my advisor said this was just a standard letter they give to everyone for everything no matter what they are putting you on.
  7. Doing the course is not the issue, the issue is being lied to about what it is how long for etc. I expected to be going for an interview and skills assessment to find out about if and what they could do to help me. I want help with the job centre and thier inability to communicate the course is not the problem the job centre is.
  8. At my last job centre plus advisor interview, she decided to put me onto something she called 25+ skills support for unemployed. She printed me of two letters saying to go to so and so place at 10am for an assessment interview. I asked her specifically what this was and what would it entail. She said it would be an interview and a quick skills test so they could see if they could help with any training etc to get back into work. I turned up today for there to be a large group of us, we are taken up to a classroom and told it is the first day of an 8 week course, mon - fri 10-4. None of us knew this, we all thought and had been told we were there for an interview and assessment. The people who run the course told us the jc+ keep doing this and not informing people what we are being signed up to do. I was allowed to leave early to take it up with my jc+. I managed to see a manager who agreed my letter was wrong and I should of been informed of exactly what I was doing. He told me the problem was once I agreed to do courses like this it was mandatory and I would be sanctioned if I didnt attend. I told him I hadnt agreed to a course as I was only told I was going for an interview. He called my advisor over who sat and lied to my face saying she gave me the full information and the letter I was given was just a standard letter they use for everything. My reply was that the letter was therefore a lie. The manager said he would look into and speak to my advisor about how she is dealing with me as I wanted to put in a complaint and this is how he is dealing with it. I fully expect at my next sign on date to be sanctioned again ( she did it before, I appealed it and won) because she now knows loud and clear I think she is pointless. I would be very grateful if anyone here could help me with where I stand on this and what my rights are considering I was completely mislead and lied to about this. I am at breaking point with them and today was the first time I had to have a security guard stand behind me while in there.
  9. Yep the good reason letter was what I received on Saturday. I see my adviser tomorrow morning at 9am and after that Im back at mwa. They know I am there because a women from ingeus came into the shop on Tuesday morning and refunded my bus fare and wrote it in her book. We have a time keeping book but its not always filled in, getting a letter or something from the shop manager will be easy, Im lucky shes very easy going.
  10. I received a letter today stating I did not attend my mwa when I was supposed to. I could of sworn I spent the last week trying to figure out how to fold a saree. Ingeus are thick as 2 short planks.
  11. To waste all of our time is my only guess.
  12. Now that I didnt know so thank you for letting me know. I shall remember it if the dragon ever tries that one. Im currently on my mwa at a charity shop with 6 other people and no work. Yes im getting great work experience standing around discussing the weather.
  13. I already do that, I use universal jobmatch and others, I also keep a folder in my email of applied for jobs and responses to show them. I did have one adviser one week try to force me to click the allow them access box but wasn't happening. They lost all my trust the instant they sanctioned me for nothing, so now my jobsearching is fully controlled by me. They cant go into my account again and wipe it.
  14. Yes I am on Mandatory Work Activity apparently, thank you both for both sets of info and links I will read through them both. Its quite evident my adviser at the jobcenter is doing everything possible to completely screw me over. I think she and other advisers are highly annoyed they forced me to use universal jobmatch for my job searching and I refused them access after my first account was magically wiped from their system. Sorry had to remove the links from the quotes as my post count is not high enough at the moment.
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