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  1. congrats sabre looks like you did a goodf job. i am waiitng to see the outcome of sidabm's before deciidng whether top pursue further, if so i will definitely be seeking yours and others advice!
  2. hi yes kept my receipt and outlined the costs in my initial letter. i will send a follow up letter before action demanding it be settled before pursuing the small claims court. i am in the right and believe i deserve to be place into the postion i would have been had the bus actually taken us.
  3. Hi guys, i recently had a holiday abroad and booked a transfer with Greyhound from Cardiff to Bristol Airport. The bus turned up and was overheating, so the driver told us they wouldnt be able to take us and a replacement would come and pick us up within 30 mins. Nearly an hour later it still had not arrived and a number of us had to make a decision on the spot to catch the next train to Bristol to ensure we made our flight. We had to pay £24 for the train and then a further £30 for a taxi from the station to the airport. We actually got the the airport with only 12mins before the gat close
  4. Similar to my other thread on Santander/RI Card charges, i have sent 2 letters to them stating i did not accept their final resolution and second time that i was willing to take an offer as a GOGW prior to taking my case to the FOS. They dismissed each of them and maintained theyre stance by directing me to the FOS. Have i lost the battle with this one or can any one advise how to move forward? Thanks
  5. Sent 2 follow up letters stating i do not accept their final resolution, and the second time offering them to make me a settlement offer as a GOGW before going to FOS. They threw this back in my face and maintained their position. Any advice guys moving forward or have i lost the battle this time? I imagine the FOS will not consider in my favour these days so pointless going to them?
  6. Can anyone advise me on the next step moving forward please?
  7. Yes, obviously a template. What is the next step for me to try and claim back if they have rejected in first instance? Thanks
  8. Response received from New Day/ Santander regarding my claim. Rejected as expected as they believe charges to be lawful and directed me towards the FOS if unhappy. Attached letter for your viewing. Any guidance on next step please?
  9. £150 interest plus £45.84 in interest (8.20%). Letter sent today with schedule of charges for the total of £195.84. Will let you know on any developments.
  10. Thanks again, posting letter and schedule tomorrow. Will update when responded to.
  11. Thanks, can someone link me to the correct letter as i can't locate it. Is it this one? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?405889-Reclaiming-Credit-Card-Charges-Preliminary-Letter-Before-Action I've also attached the spreadsheet if someone can confirm it is correct to attach with the letter to send off. Thanks for your patience.
  12. Well apparently it's my vehicle as it's up the road. However if I can remember rightly all I was ever sent was a screenshot of my car being parked there. No way of proving it was ever there for over the said amount of time and I highly doubt I would of been as it's a couple of banks and a filco. Plus no evidence I've received the previous letters from them.
  13. No statements provided. Only docs returned from SAR was a blurry CCA, T&Cs with no figures for Int on there, a list of transactions and list of calls made.
  14. Many thanks, unfortunately I have no record of the amount of interest charged to me during the time of the card. The CCA they have sent me is and oversized image with blurred text. Is there a standard interest i can claim such as the 8% with PPI?
  15. Just picked up on that, thanks! Surely it won't go that far, they've not provided any proof i was at said location for said amount of time, or ever sent anything to me recorded delivery etc so is impossible to hold up in court any in my opinion.
  16. SAR requested received back today. Looking at the transaction history I have outlined the folloiwng charges I would like to contest to be returend to me: Late Payment Fee £12 x 26 = £312.00 Can someone please advise which process/document to take this forward to Santander as it's been a number of years since i filed one? Thanks
  17. Received another letter whilst i was away on holidays threatening small courts action with a breakdown of charges. See attached, can any one advise if this is still to be ignored?
  18. UPDATE: Letter dated 25/04/14 received from New Day Credit Data Management Ltd - LS99 2BD, confirming my SAR request and payment RECEIVED ON 09/04/14, receipt within 40 days of this date. Certain Santander cards were transferred to this company on 01/04/14 apparently.
  19. Well, it was posted on 05/04/14 and as of today 25/04/14 it is still in 'transit' by royal mail despite being sent 1st class signed for delivery! What shall i do!?
  20. OK will do i have no record of the apparent fine being sent, and all paperwork sent to me has been sent standard post so everything would be deniable anyway.
  21. Thought as much, as previously id just ignore or challenge them. But other people not so savy have said to pay up they have a right to charge you etc. Even if they did the fee is not justifiable! so what do i do?
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