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  1. Difintely i will do that as it will eb useful for others.
  2. thanks locutus&rebel11 for your timely reply. I had contacted the Citzen advice bureau and upon their advice i had sent a letter(Signed delivery) to retailer giving 14 days to reply and same is copied to my local area trading standards as well.
  3. Hi , Can someone please help me on below issue how to go further.. I had bought a SONY TV from RGB online store On 22/12/2011 (It is more than 2.5 years now) Recently I am facing some problem with the TV, i.e. it is automatically turning off and red light is blinking 6 times with no picture seen. This is the same problem which occurred during the first year of purchase(exactly after 10 months after purchase) and was repaired by SONY under manufacturer warranty. I learnt that as per Sale of Goods Act, if there is some problem with the product not due to normal wear tear during first 6 y
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