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  1. PRA group could not produce the CCA agreement and discontinued the court case so I sent a CCA request to a Natwest debt they could not produce one either. Both DCA sent me letters saying I still owed the debt but they could not enforce it :). The tomlin order was in 2014 though for another debt and which all stemmed from me not being able to work, and the judge was completely on the DCA side and I should of asked for an adjournment and waited for the CCA to appear which never did !
  2. Hi Everyone, Thanks to this group I won this case and have successfully won another debt challenge using the CCA request and they were unable to produce it! Does anyone know if a tomlin order can be over turned/challenged I signed it as the judge pressurised me on the day in court saying I clearly owed the debt and the 12 days had not passe since I sent the CCA request :( but I don't think they had it really). Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, On a side note can I re-mortgage to another provider while having these debts where the defaults are no longer on my file? Will the new lender see all my debts on a credit search etc Thanks
  4. Just rang MCOL and yes PRA have not submitted their DQ and a sanction letter has been sent to them so they may submit it yet, if not it will be struck out
  5. Does not mention PRA filing a DQ anywhere so I assume no!
  6. Just logged into MCOL and it says : 'You filed a DQ on ....' 'General sanctions order was made on .......' This may be because they have not sent in their DQ! Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Do I scan original N180 court DQ hand written or download and use print and send to PRA ?
  8. Hi, I am back home now and have the N180 to complete: 1, agree to small claims track ? 2, do I not go for mediation and straight to court ? 3, expert evidence no I am doing it myself Thanks for your help
  9. Hi, Yes I have the settlement letter but I did not state this in the defense I can produce it at court!
  10. Cheers Andy, I am away as my Mum's partner passed away and he whatsapped me the letter so didn't read it properly and it wasn't the best images, I have had a look at other threads and they will probably go for the fact I have been making payments since my head injury and even made them an offer in March last year! I settled with BC for my debt with them 3 years ago so I can play dumb and say I don't recognise the debt due to my memory issues as the judge may say that making payments is admission of the debt etc ?
  11. Got a letter today : Take notice that: 1, this is now a defended claim the defendant has filed a defence, a copy enclosed (no) 2, it appears that this case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track. if you beleive that this track is not the apparopriate track complete blah blah 3, respond by ............form n180 It looks like a mediation route is this a sign of surrender we don't have a defence so we won't to settle ? Thx peeps
  12. I have cancelled the DD, I have also received a letter stating PRA are going to continue with their claim so I rang MCOL and its £100 to change the defense to add the top paragraph I missed and they said it would go to mediation or it will be transferred to a CC in my town!
  13. Thanks for help, should I cancel the DD to them?
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