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  1. i will get a SAR from the bank. but why would they come now looking for a loan about 14 after it was repaid? and only claim £241 when with the interest it would be in the thousands?
  2. would they still hold the data if the account was closed in march 2013
  3. hello, way back in November 2012, i took out a loan with 247 money box for £120 this loan was repaid late in January 2013. today( over a year later) i received a letter from 247 moneybox claiming i owed them £241.60. i contacted them and told them that i repaid this loan with late charges in january last year, they have claimed that i didnt because they have no record and to provide proof that i did otherwise i would face legal action. i am no longer with the same bank that i had when i took out the loan so i cant get a statement to prove it and it dosnt show on my experian credit report that i ever had a loan with them. what should i do i cant prove that i paid the loan? please help
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