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  1. Thank you. I had been told the FOS had no jurisdiction here, but I will start a complaint with them and see what they say. ICO. Information commissioners office? I will do that too. Thanks. Ill update here when I get a response.
  2. Anyone able to help with this? Despite the latest communication stating that the dispute has been rejected because the account has been updated by Nationwide in Dec 21 as a joint account, the latest Transunion report (Dec 21) still reports it as a Barclays and last reported in September 2012. I've been told that the banking ombudsman doesn't have any jurisdiction over credit reference agencies. Any advice will be gratefully received. Nick
  3. Good afternoon. Full background. I used to be in a relationship with someone, her name isn't relevant so I'll call her Brian for the sake of this post. We owned a house together and she was added to my bank account making it a joint account. At some point we separated, in 2016 the property was sold, our finances separated, we went into the relevant banks and filled in the forms, my joint accounts reverted to sole ownership in my name and we parted ways. At no point were any of our finances ever in arrears, no payments missed, no defaults etc etc, Since 2016 we have had no contact, last I heard she was living on a canal boat somewhere in Norfolk. I have no address or contact number for her. Fast forwards to today. I'm self employed and I'm trying to improve my credit score a little and I subscribed to checkmyfile to see if I can work out what's dragging my score down, and I discover that Transunion has a financial association with Brian and when I move the sliding scale thing to see how this is affecting my credit score with transunion, it makes a HUGE difference. Clearly this is an error, I have no financial links with her at all and have not since we parted ways in 2016. I also create a Credit karma account as this is specifically a transunion report, and it's also reported there. Transunion states it is a Barclays account. I have never ever had a barclays account. Transunion states the account association originated on the 1 September 2012 and was then later confirmed on the 6 Feb 2010. No that's not a typo on my part, unless transunion have a time machine that can confirm a financial association on an account that doesn't exist two years before it was created, then something is obviously wrong. I raised a dispute with transunion and the information I got back is that this entry relates to an account number that is a nationwide account, which is one of my two current accounts with nationwide that I use and that nationwide are reporting it as a joint account and so the dispute is rejected as the information is correct. I've been to nationwide. I've spent around two hours in the branch with some very helpful staff who have scratched their heads to get to the bottom of this. The upshot is that I have been given: Screen printouts from the Nationwide account management system (which as a customer I have no access to), showing the account status as sole ownership in my name. Current statement printouts showing the account in my name only. Historic statements showing the account in my name only. A statement of fees for account showing it as sole ownership in my name only. A statement from August 2016 showing the account in joint names with myself and Brian, And a following statement from September 2016 showing that the account has been changed to sole ownership in my name only. All of these supporting documents have been stamped with the branch stamp, dated and signed by the manager lady who spent ages trying to sort this out for me. After a lot of ringing other departments, she also assured me that this account is not being reported as a joint account, it is on all the systems she is able to check on reported as a sole ownership account in my name only. She said that the information that goes to the credit reference agencies is a data dump taken from the account management system, where it it clearly not reported as a joint account. And that the same data file goes to all the credit agencies, it's also not possible for different data agencies to get different information for the same account, and as Experian and Equifax both report this account correctly, the correct information is leaving their systems and the issue is with Transunion. I have raised a second dispute with transunion and supplied them with all the supporting documents from the bank showing that this account is A. A nationwide account and not a Barclays account B. Categorically not a joint account with Brian and is a sole ownership account in my name C. The dates are clearly wrong D. Experience and Equifax report the account correctly And again they have rejected the dispute stating that the account is reported as a joint account and the information they show is correct. I still have a financial association with Brian on a nationwide account that is solely in my name since 2016, is reported as a barclays account with wrong dates that is harming my credit score and transunion refuse to acknowledge all the documentation I have from the bank. I have raised a complaint procedure with nationwide to get it investigated and have not heard back from this yet. I was going to wait till I get a response from the bank complaint and then contact the bank ombudsman, although I'm not sure if they have any authority over the credit reference agencies, and the issue seems to be with transunion rather than my bank. Anyone able to help with this? Despite the latest communication stating that the dispute has been rejected because the account has been updated by Nationwide in Dec 21 as a joint account, the latest Transunion report (Dec 21) still reports it as a Barclays and last reported in September 2012. I've been told that the banking ombudsman doesn't have any jurisdiction over credit reference agencies. Any advice will be gratefully received. Nick Any suggestions on what my next step to resolve this will be very gratefully received. Nicholas
  4. Hello all. Im currently in a very stressful and worrying situation. Ive done something a bit silly, but I also appear to be being stitched up and I dont have any proof to defend myself with. Let me start at the beginning. I guess the only way to ask for advice on whats going on is full disclosure of facts so: I work for a local authority. Ive worked there for over 15 years in the IT department. I dont think its relevant to put which authority here but I can answer that if anyone wants to know. We all have company laptops that generally come home with us every night. I live quite a long way from my office and have an hour and 40 minutes train commute each way. Ive read books, Ive studied, Ive made web sites... all manner of things to pass the time. Then I installed I player so I could download and watch some tv programs (This is not the issue)on the train with headphones, but most of the things I wanted to watch were not on Iplayer, so then I did something daft. I started to download tv series such as Sons of Anarchy and The thin line from torrent websites. I know I shouldnt have, but I didnt think it was going to lead to what then happened. I wasnt the only person in my office to be doing it, and it wasnt unknown for us to swap series, again, I know I shouldnt have and 'everyone else is doing it' isnt an excuse, BUT other people were and I did. Then in the first days of August, a colleague who was a contractor who was I thought a friend, had been with us for almost two years left. I shook his hand, he said see you later mate it was good working with you, we should keep in touch and go out for a drink etc. For the record, he was one of the people I had been swapping programs with. What he did next, (I didnt know this at the time, I have just found this out recently) was go up to the directors office and tell them in writing that they should look on my laptop as there was illegal copyright material on it. A day or so later, the day before I was due to go on holiday, I was called into a meeting room and informed that an allegation had been made against me that there was illegal copyright material on my laptop, did I have anything to say. Thinking that honesty was the best policy, I put my hands up and admitted everything that was on my laptop, with the exception of pointing a finger at other people. I was told that my laptop was going to be seized and a report made on its contexts by an independent forensic inspection company. That was six weeks ago and its been a very stressful six weeks, although I have been carrying on at work as normal, and was told by my head of dept when I went to speak to him about it a few weeks ago, that they were not looking to terminate my employment, but I should understand that I was in a lot of trouble. Two days ago on Tuesday the 16th Sept, I was asked to come into a meeting room, where my head of dept and my manager were sitting, and I was asked if I wanted to tell them anything else that was on my laptop that I hadnt already admitted. I said no, I have put my hands up to all accusations as soon as I was asked. I was then shown a summary report of the analyses on the laptop, which listed 132 pornographic films and pornographic files on the laptop. I was shocked, I genuinely dont know where they have come from. I have not downloaded them and I have not viewed any porn on the company laptop. I was informed that any previous information that I had been told about what was going to happen was no longer applicable, the situation has now changed. I was shown a copy of the company policy that states no authority owned equipment may be used to access of view pornography and the situation had now moved towards gross misconduct. I am adamant that I do not know where this material has come from. I would be lying if I said Ive never viewed pornographic material, but I have never ever on the work laptop. As domain admins we all have full access to any device on the network, and as I have now found out from elsewhere it was someone I thought was a friend who instigated these allegations, I have a pretty good idea who placed these files there. However I have absolutely no possible way of proving it, other than protesting to deaf ears that I am being set up. I was given a copy of my employment contract etc, asked to hand over my id and swipe card and my remote access tokens. I was told that a full copy of everything was going to be put together and posted to me, and there was going to be an investigation carried out by my department manager, was allowed back to my desk (supervised) to collect my bag and was then escorted out of the building. Apparently this investigation will take possibly up to a couple of weeks, after which I will be invited in for a hearing, I was told unofficially by the person who escorted me out of the building that the most likely outcome will be dismissal for gross misconduct, however if I chose to resign I could leave with a clean record and would still get my three month notice period on gardening leave. I have contacted my union rep from home and I have chased him up again today, and am still waiting for him to call me back. So thats it, I know I was stupid for downloading films, and I understand that I was in trouble for that, but I am honestly taken back by the 132 pornographic films found, thats a hell of a lot. So, Im in the crap. Ive been very stupid, but I havent done the thing that Im going to get the sack for and I cant prove otherwise. I havent slept much for the last few nights, Im very stressed. Ive got a big mortgage to pay. So thats it really, I think cards on the table warts an all. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see its not looking good. I just really need all the advice that I can get. Many thanks in advance for any replies. Nick.
  5. Ok Company name has been removed. I'm sorry, It was used three times and I thought I was using it in context. I'm not on a witch hunt, I just want some advice on what we should do really. Number one choice is walk away and find other work, which we will do when possible, but in the mean time, it is at least income. I'm also going to be checking out the links above. Thank you
  6. Good afternon. Im just looking for a bit of advice on how best to tackle this. My wife is currently working for a care agency franchise based in Worthing. There are two issues that I want advice on although both issues are intertwined so Ill try to bullet point the issues and keep it both as detailed as possible and short. She does round the clock live in work over weekends with disabled people who require live in 24 hour care. A weekend shift for the sake of this issue is Friday evening 18.00 to Sunday evening 18.00. She works for the agency on what is I believe called a zero hour contract, so when there is no work she doesnt get paid. Issue 1 We have some time coming up in the summer where we want to go away for a camping break and she approached her employer to find out how much holiday pay she had accrued over the last year. The admin office told her that they do not pay holiday pay, but they add a little percentage onto her wages. Now Im 100% sure that this is completely illegal. I contacted the office on her behalf and pointed this out and they said that they were not aware of this being illegal and they would look into it. After a week they have been in touch with my wife (verbally) and told her that they are in the process of changing to a new system whereby holiday pay is put into a fund and paid back to them as holiday pay, but its going to mean that the hourly rate is reduced by up to £1 per hour to cover the deducted holiday pay. Issue 2 They have just phoned and asked my wife if she would be interested in covering for a two week (14 day) live in period. They have offered her £500 per week and told her this is the going rate for a week live in rate and told her its not negotiable. Now bearing in mind this is round the clock care 24/7 whatever is required, with no official meal breaks or time off, that is £2.97 per hour. Of course the other way of looking at it is that its £1000 over two weeks which we desperately need, but it doesn't change the fact that its actually £2.97 per hour, for 14 days 24/7 with no official breaks... Now getting hold of the boss by the throat and banging his head against something until he agrees to stop ripping my wife off (and all the other women who work for them) and pay her a decent living wage is probably (although it would be very satisfying) not the best way to go about things... So... What do I do? What is the best way to deal with this other than just walk away. What shouldn't I do (banging peoples heads on desks is probably at the top of this list... Ok Who can I report this to, and can I do it without it coming back onto my wife and losing her the weekend shifts she does which we desperately need. Now I should make it clear that Im not going to become a martyr for other employees, my wife is looking for other work and if she finds it, we drop this company like a hot potato and walk away. But in the mean time there must be someone we can report this illegal employment practice to. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. Nick
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