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  1. I was a director for a small company for 1 year, during that time i found out that the MD had applied for a business overdraft using mine and his names as it was a limited company, when i confronted him and resigned he said that i had signed for the overdraft without realising. I have contacted the santander branch but though the adviser says she remembers the MD saying that i was ok with the overdraft and she thought it strange that because my signature is there i am liable. I have never been a signatory nor had access to the account in question and have told the bank i want to withdraw my permission to use this facility but they say i have to get the MD to agree and he will not speak to me, he did write a letter saying i was not liable but the bank are saying it does not matter. Please help as i dont know what to do, i do not think the overdraft is being used yet but they will not discuss as i was not a signatory on the account????
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