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  1. You've literally messed up every thread on which I have previously posted on though. Clear you inbox, let's discuss this via PM
  2. Very clever, you thought you'd found a way to hide my posts without me knowing.
  3. You don't know your audience then. Many new posters here won't know the intricacies of the action needed before going to the FOS or issuing a county court claim. Explaining this to new posters is hardly trolling. The negative opinion of yourself and CAG on MoneySavingExpert speaks for itself. I actually first came to CAG from MSE because I wanted to try and change that opinion by giving sound realistic advice. If you consider that trolling then I guess nobody can tell you otherwise because you're never wrong are you?
  4. Because in your first reply to this thread you told the OP to "begin a complaint to the Ombudsman service" even though they haven't had a final response from Barclays. So quite obviously you didn't know this before. It's also quite obvious that you have only just added that info in the fos link about the final response and 8 week deadline. Google cache also confirms this to be the case.
  5. The OP sent an email so I doubt that it was concerned inline with Barclays' complaints policy because that is not an the proper way of making a complaint. From the quotes, the thread doesn't follow correctly now. I also notice that you removed my first post in this thread where I pointed out that your advice to go the FOS was wrong because the OP needs to exhaust Barclays' complaints procedure first. Well now you can see that Me_Too's posts confirms that this is the case and I was correct. Well Barclays have forwarded the OP onto their Financial Assistance team to do exactly that. But if the OP is refusing to talk to them what more can Barclays do?
  6. Well it needs to be directed to the appropriate team. Whoever responded to your most recent email has correctly and kindly said they would schedule a callback for you. Your mis-conceptions are working to your detriment. Quite obviously that is not the type of advice they would be giving - it would be about money management/re-structuring lending etc. If you won't accept their help that's up to you, but I doubt you will get anywhere near the outcome you are seeking but following the "advice" from the site team.
  7. No. And anyway you wouldn't receive an redress against Lloyds - your brother would. Your brother did not have to renew his policy with Lloyds. And had he negotiated with them they may have been willing to offer him a better deal.
  8. The adjudicator took into account your side of the story, it's only right that they hear Barclays' side. That's not what the ICO guidelines say. There is no strict maximum of 6 months. That isn't what the ICO guidelines say either. It says that other internal policies and practices (such as collection activities or decisions to write off debts) should not be the determining factor in when and how a default is filed. Indeed. The FOS looks at complaints based on what is fair and reasonable as opposed to sticking rigidly to the law and industry guidance. In any case, the ICO guidance does not state that defaults have to be registered strictly within a 3-6 month timeframe. Assumably, each account had a different balance and possibly even a different interest rate and therefore a different minimum monthly repayment - so you can't really compare one to the other. Is the formal demand letter the same as a notice of default letter?
  9. They are not required to give you any reasons. It could be due to suspected fraud or money laundering. Or maybe they suspect that you are using your personal account for business transactions which is a breach of their terms and conditions. No. It's simply a commercial decision. They are entitled to choose who they do business with, just as you are entitled to choose who you want to bank with. No you don't need one. Just open a new account elsewhere. You can complain but they won't overturn the decision. No. Complete rubbish.
  10. The above information isn't even true, so don't let it catch you out robinsky. As you have found out, as soon as you pay the cheque in it will reflect in your account balance (not your available balance). 4 working days from the following working day that you pay the cheque in, the funds will become available (so reflected in your available balance too now). However, the money is only considered cleared 6 working days from the following working day that you pay the cheque in. Up to this point the cheque can be returned in which case both your account balance and available balance will decrease.
  11. Bank accounts have a sort code and account number. Bank accounts can have card. So the card is tied to an account and they will each have individual card details (such as card numbers, expiry dates etc.) So ordering a new card will not give you a new sort code and account number. Your Mobile Banking will give an overview of your all accounts. You have never needed your card details (or even your sort code and account number) to login. You login to the mobile app using either your internet banking details or just your memorable information if you have the new app.
  12. What type of transactions were these? ATM withdrawals? Card payments? Branch withdrawals? Internet banking transfers? Do/did you actively use the card for the account? What number did you ring and who did you speak to? General customer services? Fraud department? Does your wife though? Or anybody else in your family? It's not something you've probably thought of but you honestly never know and this type of situation isn't that uncommon. Card transactions are different to direct debits. The bank doesn't always get the chance to intervene with card transactions. And in any case your friends eligibility for an unplanned overdraft would have been different to yours. If Lloyds thought you were negligent with your card or card details you would still be liable for the transactions. Did you get sent statements in the post? Note all the transactions that were not your own and submit a formal complaint (in writing) to Lloyds, explaining the situation including the details of when you first called to report the transactions in question.
  13. The same would happen at any other bank. They are correct to say that they can't do anything until the transaction shows up on your statement. As far as the FCA, the relevant law (the Payment Services Regulations) and the Visa/MasterCard/AMEX regulations are concerned the payment transaction doesn't actually exist yet so it can't be disputed. As of yet, Santander hasn't done anything wrong. The issue has been caused by KwikFit. If you already cancelled with them or told them not to renew your policy then they shouldn't have taken the payment. Have you tried talking to KwikFit yet?
  14. Isn't it standard accounting for it to be done that way (debits before credits)? I would make a friendly and apologetic call to somebody from Customer Services first of all, explaining that you didn't realise debits would be processed before credits. You might find that they will be willing to waive any incurred fees as a one-off. Failing that, you could make a formal complaint. But unless you are complaining about financial difficulty I would avoid basing your complaint on BCOBS.
  15. The indemnity claim (which is Barclays taking the money back from EE's bank) may well take a minimum of 3 working days. But Barclays are supposed to be issuing you with a refund immediately (realistically this means same-day or overnight) as per the Direct Debit Guarantee. You are correct about the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). You need to make a formal complaint to Barclays and wait for a final response from them (which they have up to 8 weeks to do). Only then can the FOS look at your complaint.
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