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  1. Hi SweetLorraine, I am not looking for severance pay, I just want to leave. I have a very difficult boss and I believe she will make it very difficult therefore it is important that I know my rights.
  2. Hi my problem is I do not want to return to my very stressful job. My GP has given me 2 weeks off work. I need another job when I am in the right frame of mind for work. I am unsure of my rights and if I could leave this job whilst on sick leave?
  3. I had nearly 3 weeks off when she passed away last October. My doctor believes I have not gone through the grieving process and this is why I am unwell at the moment.
  4. Hi there is nothing like that, it is a small company. Could I give notice whilst on sick leave?
  5. Can any one help, I have worked for company for 6 years, the last 2 weeks it has become too stressful due to work load and losing my mum. I am on the sick and about to have counselling, could I get another job whilst on the sick and can this be used as my notice, I cannot go back to my job.
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