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  1. has been 14 days since i replied have had no answer. will be angry if i get just another letter of demand instead of trying to work out solution. from reading the forum i see there was (is) a rep for this company on the forum would be grateful for their comment and or advice. thankyou SP
  2. nothing noted so far this end. willknow more when they reply with anotherletter of demand i guess. thanks for replying. SP
  3. Sorry to worry you fellas and girls I know you have been swamped with complaints about this company but I have the same debt collection letter from them. I was a user of their service and found due to economic circumstances couldn't afford the cost. I cancelled my membership within the allotted time frame and received a letter back confirming this. I thought that would be the end of it but just recently received a demand for payment for their service. Somehow I had two memberships? and I had only cancelled one. I was hacked last year and the chap from France play
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