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  1. I feel as if my mum has pretty much buggered herself, especially by going to the citizens advice and filling out the FORM4A and admitting liability for this (which I assume she has) I guess all she can do now is contact them "SHOOSMITHS" and ask for a lower payment each month. She defo wouldn't be able to attend court.
  2. The link in post 16 goes to this: http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/docs/default-source/rules-and-practice/forms/sheriff-court-forms/simple-procedure-forms/form_3a.pdf?sfvrsn=4 Makes no sense, as that is a form that a company would fill in, requesting money from somebody who owes them money. Here is a snipet at the bottom of that form: 5. If your claim is successful, what do you want from the respondent? ⓘ You should select the option(s) that best describes the type of order you would like the court to make if your claim is successful. You can ask for more than one type of order
  3. Hello again. Sorry for the delayed reply. Although, regarding the posts from 10th July and 6th August, I never received any emails saying I had replies. Not sure what has happened there, as always get an email notification? a while back, my mum went to the citizens advice and they helped her fill in the form. Putting down all her income and outgoings. They agreed that my mum isn't really able to afford this but , because it needs to be paid, and is a high amount, she will have to offer £50 a month in payments. A few days ago, my mum received a letter fr
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have tried scanning the document, but, I don't know how to use the scanner It's 26 pages long, and on the front it says: FORM 6A The Simple Procedure Notice of Claim At the bottom of the first page it's signed: Sheriff Officer Queens Road Aberdeen. The firm is called: Arrow Global Limited And no, not moved. We still live in the same house we have lived in for nearly 28 years. Thanks.
  5. Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply. The only thing I presume my mum will have received is the usual debt letters in the post. This is the first time we have ever had anything like this, people knocking on our door, and then handing us documents to pay up, or go to court. Thanks.
  6. Hello, We just had the sheriffs officers at the door, for an old credit card debt my mum has/had. It was a Halifax credit card, however, Lloyd's must have taken over Halifax? As the papers we received today says Lloyd's. It says my mum used her card between 2002 and 2008. I told my mum in 2014 to stop paying them as, she "we" couldn't afford to keep paying them. The papers say that the last payment made was 2014, and in 2015 the bank sold off the credit to debt companies. I assume the debt would have been passed to other debt companies durin
  7. Thanks for your reply. I was originally on Incapacity benefit back in 2008 till about 2012. It changed to ESA, and I attended a medical. But like many other people, I was awarded 0 points. I appealed it, and after about 2 years (2014), I won the appeal. I was placed into the work group. I was going to appeal but I was told by a few people, there is a chance they might even take me out the work groups and I would lose my ESA. As you have mentioned. I really didn't want to risk that, and didn't want to go through another 2 years of appeals. Just checked my bank, and I did indeed rece
  8. Thanks for your reply. To be honest, I have never heard of ESA wfg. Only ESA WRAg, and ESA support. Yes, they say the triage appointments are mandatory. She rude woman that phoned me back, did say something about a sanction. I will appeal this if I am able to. Thanks
  9. Been going to Triage for nearly 2 years now, and I am in the work related group. Used to have to attend weekly and fortnightly sessions with other people till they put me onto monthly sessions quite some time ago, as they said they feel that I am not ready for work. So now I attend once a month, and it's a 1 to 1 with an adviser instead of a group. But, I was kept on the same ESA and not put into the support group. 3 weeks ago I had an appointment. It was scheduled for 10am. However, I was feeling ill the night before and didn't fall a sleep till around about 6.30am. I work up about 10.30
  10. Finally managed to save some money towards a bed, after sleeping in the same bed/mattress for the past 13 years. Went to Bensons For Beds and seen a bed I liked 8 days ago. It was actually the 2nd cheapest in the shop but still cost £400 for a double bed. I am a rather big guy so I do need a double size (in all honesty, I didn't realize how much beds were nowadays) The woman asked me how much I wanted to pay today (at the time) and I just shrugged my shoulders and said "£100?" She ok and took the £100 from me. She told me that, my bed will be delivered after 12 days and that I mus
  11. My mums name. I just asked her, she said that, she needed to start using them around the time my Father first got sick.
  12. Just found out, my mum has been paying money every week to Halifax for years! She just told she she has been paying £10 a week for a Halifax credit card, and £10 a week for a Halifax overdraft! She told me, she has been paying £20 a week since my Father died 8 years ago. She said that, at first she ignored them but they kept adding charges to both the credit card and bank account and she was worried about being taken to court! I just told her to stop it but, she said "You have to pay the banks" and is worried that if she does not pay them, they will take her to court and lose the
  13. Just been looking though old stuff on my computer and I came across a document I made a few years back 2011, I stupidly signed up via this website to apply for a "guaranteed" loan. However, I was then instead, giving a bunch of loan companies for which I know of anyway and also for who will not give me a loan. I cancelled my account with this guys after 5 minutes. Later that night, I phoned my bank up to check my balance and I was then shocked to learn that £67.70 had come off my account from that company! Never once was I informed from there was a charge for joining you this c
  14. I was rewarded lower rate mobility and lower rate daily living care yesterday. Do I need to inform the DWA because, I also get ESA currently? Thanks
  15. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Before the first hearing, the DLA people sent me a letter informing me of the date and it said on the letter that, "You may attend the hearing with or without a representative, however, if you or neither the representative attend, the hearing will go ahead"
  16. I applied for DLA almost 14 months ago and its been nothing but a disaster. Firstly, me and my representative filled it in and I got a rejection letter almost instantly, so we appealed it. But during this 14 months, its been nothing but stress for me. Not in any particular order, but these some of the things that have happened: :They got my application mixed up with another guy called George, who had also applied for DLA :They claimed we had appealed after the time limit but, we proved them wrong as we had postal evidence from when we sent the appeal in :The
  17. I have been on ESA Wrag since last April 2013. After 6 months In October, I was sent a letter saying I had 1 month to fill in a ESA book explaining about my conditions. So I did that. It's been 6/7 months and I have not heard a single thing since I sent my book back in November I was wondering, is this normal? Should I have at least recieved a letter saying they had recieved my book? Thanks
  18. Thanks everybody, I will get letters printed up over the weekend.
  19. I was going to mention that. On noddle, it claims that these debts were defaulted like 2009, 2008 etc but I know for a fact, I have never mad payments for these debts from 10 years ago
  20. Back in 2008, I was successful with my then bank and got back £800 of charges. I never tried with my other old bank accounts because, they were closed and I never understood the whole procedure and just applied with my 1 bank Is it possible to claim back bank charges today? or has it stopped now? Also, I think I would apply under the hardship rules I read on here, in Scotland, you can go back 20 years???? If so, I have many bank accounts from as far back as 2002 but they are closed though?? Thanks!
  21. I have never heard of Statutee barred debt before. Today I read, debt can not be chased if 6 years has passed (5 years in Scotland) I have got several companies still chasing me for bank, credit card and payday loans debts all the way from, as far back in 2002. My mobile phone has got 60 different numbers on block from these people as, the companies tend to use several different numbers when calling. I also get letters daily from several companies The other thing that tends to happen is, I get a letter from a debt company for example saying "we are dealing with your Halifax debt",
  22. if you find transactions on your bank account for a company you never authorized i.e £200 and £300, the bank says ok and gives you the £500 back say a couple days later. What happens then? Can the company then say, a few weeks later tell the bank you did authorize them and the bank takes the £500 back from you? If so, does the bank tell you beforehand?
  23. I have been an idiot once again! I was on the verge of getting my money paid into the post office but, I never went ahead as I thought all this business with my bank and CFO was cleared up! The bank sent me a letter for 2 charges of £8o which I had to fill in and say I never authorized them. I sent it back and everything seemed fine. I got my ESA payment today and £80 was taken off!! I called the bank and the guy said "yes we sent you a form to fill in" I said "yes, and I did that and sent it back" he then said "ok we have since sent you a letter regarding this matter" I told
  24. Called the bank on Saturday, spoke with a very helpful girl and she did a temporary reversal thing where I was giving my money back. She did say though that, if I proceed with it, the bank might try and put me in arrears with them. I said, it does not matter as I have no money and she did sympathize with me and got me my money back But yes, I just called my bank balance just now and now I am £115 in arrears. In a bit of a pickle. As my ESA payment is due next monday BUT, I always get it on the Saturday. So when I get paid this Saturday, the bank will take that £115. Ive tried o
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