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  1. Thanks for the reply. How does anyone in my circumstance actually make having a lodger pay? For all the inconvenience, I'm actually worse off and feel I have no choice but to ask my lodger to leave immediately.
  2. I am in receipt of job seekers allowance, housing benefit and council tax support. I share my home with a lodger who pays me £20 per week rent, plus then half of that month's bills. The council has decided that his bill payments constitute income, and have therefore reduced my benefits accordingly. I have explained to them that he only pays his share of the bills with that money, and that it is not a profit for me, but they have taken it off me and so I am left with a situation where effectively I am having to pay my lodgers bills myself, and so am financially worse off than I was before. Are there any grounds for appealing this decision, or is the council's interpretation of 'income' in this respect correct? Thanks very much.
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