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  1. Hi I was told by welcome who the underwriter was and I claimed misselling on the grounds that I was not given the option by welcome they just added ppi to loans. I rang Aviva and they were very helpful I only gave them one account number and they then traced several loans and paid out. Thanks and good luck
  2. Hi Yes it is Aviva Insurance Chief Executives Office PO Box 78 78 Surrey Street Norwich NR1 3EB Tele: 0800409 6758 Good Luck they were very helpful give them a ring and they will send you the form i did and had it within a few days.
  3. Hi Sorry meant to say i had been reading your forum for weeks prior to claiming which really inspired me to have a go on my own so thankyou X
  4. Hi thankyou They were only small loans they were re-financed but they only run for a few months each. No i didnt get all the paperwork but to be honest on my calculations thought i was only getting about 2,300 based on what paperwork i had and knowing how long i paid them for. But am pleased they just accepted the claim without having to go to FOS. X
  5. I rang welcome on 28th jan 2014 for all my account details as i had loans historically with them, they gave me all account numbers and explained that i would have to contact aviva about loans prior to 2003, i rang them and they sent me a questionaire that i filled in you cant imagine how shocked i was today 21/3/2014 to receive offer of ppi redress for 3,200 less than 8 weeks and no fob off amazing underwriter pays out. I had read on most forums that it would be a battle but it wasnt so if you have a claim do it yourself and just go for it.
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