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  1. * Money from account WITHOUT getting loan * Hello, A couple of days ago I was in a very desperate situation. I am a student and also work part time but found myself in a very serious financial situation recently where I had no money for food. There was no option for me to borrow money from family and friends as I already owed them money so because I work also, I decided to borrow a loan from a payday loan company. I came across Cash Genie and applied through their website for £100. I filled in all my details, name, address, work details and ... bank details ! After submitting the application I was informed by Cash Genie that I my application was successful and I could borrow £100 but before my loan could be issued I'd need to send them a copy of my passport, bank statement and letter with address on it. After much thought and consideration, I knew that really it wasn't the most sensible idea to take a payday loan and therefore I did not submit any documents to Cash Genie and decided not to go any further with them. Meaning = I have received not one single penny in loan from Cash Genie. NO LOAN WAS GIVEN I thought that would be the end of it but I have just checked my bank account and have noticed that on 7 different occasions, Cash Genie (under the name ARISTE/ IPSWICH GB) has taken out £0.10 totaling to 70p. Can someone please explain to me why Cash Genie is taking money from my account when I have received no loan from them??? Is it legal? I always try to read the small print in contracts but I did not find anything that said they could take money from me if I haven't actually received any money from them. I know it is not a lot of money they have taken from me, but I am still enraged as much as I would be if it was £700!! I am also very very scared that now they know when my next paydate is, they will clear my account and leave me with no money. Someone please help, offer some advice. oh! and yes I have tried contacting Cash Genie countless time by email. At present I don't have any money to call them but I'll be visiting my parents home at the weekend and if the situation hasn't stopped then I'll be calling them non stop. Thanks.
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