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  1. Thanks DX, I will do - I even said to Halifax today, "Why are your policies so different to NatWest's when they have been all over the news today and they have sorted it for their customers?" - my reply........I can't answer that, sorry!
  2. wow, thanks DX, I will get back onto them in the morning as they don't seem to be bothered this late at night, I will also print off what you have told me and take it to work with me so I can quote all the relevant parts. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks once again
  3. Hi, it's my first post on here so be gentle lol. My partner and I were recently browsing looking for loans we came upon a certain website (which today has been on the news through Natwest) and yes we did put our card details in but at no time did we think that we were actually committing to something, let alone allowing them to take money from our account. Once we spotted the 2 withdrawals from our account we immediately tried to get in touch with the company via phone but it is all automated and it simply tells you to log into your account online and cancel and request a refund that way. When you try to log in online ....... guess what? they have no record of you! I have sent messages through there website all to no avail - we haven't even got an email to say "welcome to........." I called Halifax and they have said, sorry we can't do anything as you put the card details in and it is in that companies small print that they can take that money out! I have just checked my account again to find yet another company has taken another amount out - which happened to be mentioned on the other companies website! Can anybody help please?
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