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  1. DCBL still sending out letters.... no doubt standard procedure, even if the possibility of them winning is next to nothing because of the above signage.
  2. A replacement machine was there as one person was looking at it using their phone. However the above sign was also present.
  3. DCBL back for a second bite of the cherry, this time with a correctly named & addressed letter. Lots of mitigating circumstances including this sign still being up when we visited.
  4. Will double check. Just going to let it run whilst the incorrect name is there as will be at their expense. Not forgetting that they are adding fee's which I believe is against FCA debt collection guidance.
  5. Nothing for a long time - and a DCBL debt collection letter turned up - with someone else's name attached - obviously I feel no need to correct them on this, and will see what other litter comes through the door subsequently.
  6. Wonder if any of you have any advice. Mums eldery friend has had a drop kerb, driveway installed at the cost of £10,000 - from a well respected builder. Planning permission obtained, all work carried out, job done. Council have received a complaint from a local resident, have met with mums friend and the builder and have now said all the work has to be reversed. Didn't think this would be possible if the plans have been followed to the letter. Any idea's? First step I think she needs to get is the decision in writing and why.
  7. In the long run they are losing market share to the likes of Aldi and Lidl. The letter does refer to keeping us as a customer. At the same time as saying normally they would refer us to Parking Eye to appeal.
  8. Asda replied, as a one off gesture of goodwill Parking Eye invoice will be cancelled.
  9. Thanks for the info. The only consent relating to car park signage I can see is a submission by Asda in 2006, which would not apply to a new third party company operating a system on their land. Makes you wonder that if planning permission isn't being obtained for any of these systems being installed nationwide, and they are there illegally without planning or advertising permission, are the monies being collected being obtained unlawfully.
  10. Letter sent to Mr Burnley. Appears that Parking Eye Ltd don't have planning or advertising consent for any of their system/signs in Asda, Newton Abbott. Search on Teignbridge district council website returns nothing - lots of stuff from Asda (from 2006 onward) but nothing relating to car park signage. Signs from car park attached in pdf. 20180502_082844.pdf
  11. Thank you will have photo's later on in the week. And write to asda.
  12. Ticket image attached. Issued 26/04/2018, details removed for privacy. Here you go pf sen.pdf
  13. Definitely no ANPR, looked on the way out. Will post up an image of the ticket later. Photographs to follow, going down in a few days and will swing by.
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