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  1. Hi, I did that and they said that they couldn't help. However I have also cancelled the card so hopefully they can't take any more. Strange though that it should be 2 months from when I applied when they take the 10p. As they refused to refund the 10p I've let them know that I will let everyone know that they are sharks and shouldn't even be allowed to run a bath let alone a loan company.
  2. I applied for a loan with these clowns as well as many others at Christmas time. I ended up not going through with it as the guy mentioned a charge. I actually hung up on him. The other day I noticed that 10p had been taken from my bank account. I hadn't authorised it and I know it's only 10p but it's the principle of it. Plus how do I know that they won't try to take more money at a later date. I've tried complaining but they claim that I agreed by continuing talking to the guy when I hung up! They also claim that they have a recording and would supply me with a copy of it if I send them £10! How stupid do they think I am? I really feel for everyone on here that has had the £70 taken. It's a pity someone couldn't find the building where these sharks operate from and blow it up and do everyone a favour. People like this make me sick.
  3. Hi, the Citroen garage got a fault readout and the fault codes apparently meant that it was the valve lifters that were at fault. I kept getting ESr?ASP not functioning then it would say 'engine fault' then the engine fault light would stay on. Often I would lose power although if I turn the engine off then turn it on again then I get my power back. This fault is intermittent and sometimes just corrects itself but is a worry as can suddenly happen wherever I am.
  4. Yes, sadly I took out this warranty a while ago paying around £25 per month for the privilege. I've just recently had to make a claim for hydraulic valve lifters which according to their paperwork is something that is covered but surprise surprise! They say it is wear and tear (even though the 9 year old car has only done 55K.). Then they say that my Citroen main dealers have to strip the engine so that their engineer can inspect it to see the fault, the only problem is that my garage says there is nothing to actually see and 'Car Protect' won't pay for the stripping of the engine so that would be down to me, plus if the engineer can't see anything he'll probably just refuse to ok the payment for the work. Car Protect' want your money but will try anything and everything to wriggle out of paying for any repairs when they are needed. Therefore their warranty isn't worth the paper it is printed on.
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