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  1. Debt Settled for £600. Still too much I know, but its now gone. I can easily lose that amount in the bookies in minutes on the machines so I'm not really bothered. I'm now free from payday loans and there is no more defaults remaining to be cleared on my credit record so things can only improve from here.
  2. It's things like this is what is potentially stopping me from securing a 0% balance transfer deal with Barclaycard, They do 18 months at 0% for 'average' credit history and yet of course I get declined when in fact it would help me in a great deal to pay off existing debt on my Vanquis & Aqua accounts. This is the only thing that is holding me back now. Default registered for 2015, When in fact it's in 2012. All other payday loans were paid off between 2012-2013, with the exception of Wonga who wrote the entire balance off.
  3. More emails... Ignored Phone calls... Ignored Even a letter recently which is the same as one of the emails... Ignored This has been on going for over 3 years now with still no sensible resolution to payback a reasonable amount to the £220 short term loan and this is now the only payday loan I have outstanding. Just a little frustrating this isn't going anywhere anytime soon. How I wish the FCA ruling of never pay back 2x doesn't apply to pre-2015 pay day loans I would of been happy to pay £440 to just get this over with.
  4. Update... This thing is in a complete stalemate. Decided to take your advice of ignore and it appears to be the best way to beat these if you don't give a damn about getting future credit. This was passed back to Opos then to Kapama and then back to Opos. Recieved assignment email back in January and now just recieved an email from Opos asking for immediate payment which I am going to continue to ignore... This is nearly 18 months since it went to Oriel collections. I don't see this getting resolved at a reasonable amount for quite some time.
  5. That's incorrect, Minicredit are run by Microcredit Ltd and still have their licence intact... for now.
  6. Just had this letter: Opos Ltd in respect of Mini Credit Outstanding Balance - £1,336.20 Dear Mr.X Oriel Collections have been instructed by Opos Ltd in respect of Mini Credit to recover the above outstanding debt. Our Client has advised that this balance has been outstanding for some time. Oriel would like to discuss this matter with you and help resolve the situation. You may already have been contacted about this and we now need to resolve the situation with any further delay. It may be possible for Oriel to reduce the balance owed and we would very much like to discuss this with you, but please not this is only possible if you contact our agents with delay. (Rest of letter is just details on how to pay and phone numbers)
  7. Where can I obtain information on the breakdown of my debt, I may have to wait until they decide to take me to court, I'm prepared to fight the debt that way.
  8. Right, I want to make a complaint against these rogues, How do I go abouts doing it?
  9. It's either that or its a "transmission fee or drawdown fee" I cannot find anything on their website about it.
  10. It was a same day transfer saying that a 19.50 admin fee would be deducted from the original loan.
  11. I'm not prepared to pay back 1300+ though for a 220 loan... Maybe if they say 400 and I'd pay it just to get rid of them once and for all. I tried once with minicredit/opos to lower the balance quite sometime ago but they wouldn't drop below 650 or about half the balance they say I owe.
  12. Yes, I knew that OPOS was part of minicredit, But I didn't know who were Oriel, And also why they are also still claiming the 1300+ amount that is unlawfully owed. This is why I have come on here so I can try and deal with this as best as I possibly can in the right way.
  13. So staying silent might still be my best option for now over a loan that was taken out in June 2012... It has been with Opos for about 18 months before being moved onto Oriel.
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