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  1. So far as I know nothing on credit files, though interesting according to my noodle account they had stopped reporting since October! So in a fashion this could be viewed as a negative I guess? I don't know about CIFCAS or how I would even find out? They have sent me a printout of payments and it does look dodgy, it is very unclear where this £229 arose from it just suddenly appears in a column marked payment arrears balance. I think it is some sort of charge. They allege it was outstanding debt but it clearly isn't even from what they have sent me. There are £250 i
  2. When I complained to them I asked for an amount of compensation so assumed they had complied with that. Am I being naïve? They are saying my phone calls hadn't been properly documented but they had obviously listened to them before answering my letter. What could they be hiding?
  3. Got a postal order today to send for SAR and then got a letter from Kensington. They have said the debt was owed but they had never notified us of it. However, they have agreed to write off the debt and offered £250 in compensation, which sounds like a result to me?
  4. Thank you, your help is really appreciated
  5. The 8 weeks is over in two days time.
  6. Am hoping pdf's are below? 7.pdf Kensington communication.compressed.pdf
  7. Hi Mariner They acknowledged my complaint in writing on 12th December. I thought they have 8 weeks to respond, if they don't we can escalate to FOS? Thanks,
  8. No it's Kensington. I have phoned them each time not the other way around. They acknowledged our complaint by letter but that's all and said they were investigating. I have emailed and written several times and lodged formal written complaint 6th December. The debt letters keep on coming!
  9. They are not really saying what it is for, verbally over the phone they are saying there was a non payment on our mortgage in 2009, they say we were in arrears of £800 and something but did not pay it all off. It doesn't add up because mortgage statements since 2009 show us as up to date. Surely if this amount had been outstanding since 2009 it would have shown on statements ever since? We haven't had anything in writing from them other than demands for £229.73 We changed mortgage from interest only to repayment in 2016 and signed a new agreement so surely any
  10. Thank you dx100uk I have lots of mortgage statements from them. The last one actually shows us in front! Do I need to SAR them? Also, should I do this before I take the case to FOS? I am bemused by the whole thing. They are saying their new system has thrown up an 8 year old debt that the old system never acknowledged!
  11. Hi We have a mortgage with Kensington and we have statements showing our mortgage to be up to date. Despite this we are now receiving letters saying we have arrears of £229. Initially we were told they had gone over to a new system and it was an error (the first debt letter arrived at the same time as a statement showing payments up to date). After many calls we were told the debt relates to 2009 and that their new system had thrown this up. We were then told they would write off the alleged debt. However, we are still receiving threatening letters.
  12. Hi They were insured on their own insurance and not as a named driver on my insurance. I have it in writing from the repairers that they acknowledge that they repaired my car without consent! This whole situation has been unbelievable, you honestly couldn't make it up. It has been one saga after another. I am going to make one last ditch attempt and then pursue through the Courts but am a bit confused by it all. The insurer refused to move my car to my chosen repairer and now admit they made a mistake but are doing very little to rectify my situation. Thanks,
  13. Hi My insurance company has not been involved as although it was my car I was the passenger not the driver. The claim has been between my drivers insurance and the third party, which happen to be the same company. It's all been a complete mess to be honest leaving me much worse off. I do have GAP insurance but at this point they have not written the car off, they have repaired it using their approved repairers my argument is that had they used the repairer of my choice my car would have been a write off. However, now that they have repaired despite having no consent to from me to do s
  14. I was involved in an accident two months ago, I was the passenger in my car but was not the driver. The other party admitted full liability and the police are taking action against him. I suffered injuries for which I am still receiving treatment. My car which was only 6 months old would not start at the scene, the insurer arranged for its removal by recovery services and told us since the air bags had been deployed the car was likely a right off. I believed this was to be the case. It is a very long story but at no point did the insurance company cont
  15. Many thanks for the welcome and responses, much appreciated. I did formally reject the car on the 6th, but then gave the dealer another opportunity to fix the car. However, they are now telling me no faults detected and therefore nothing wrong with the car. Since it was misold - mileage wrong, no fsh as noted etc I have gone down the miselling route as I am not a mechanic and thought this would be the easiest route. I am a female driver and wanted a reliable car and purchased under the pretence it had all the benefits described etc. However finance comp
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