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  1. Hey, Thanks a lot for all the information slick, I got it all sorted now
  2. Hello, Here is the deal. Before joining the gym, the company advertise between two options; A pay monthly, no contract 24.99 pound per month offer or a 12 month contract at 19.99 - No more no less. At the end of the 12 month contract Fit4Less decided to keep me charging 19.99 for the 13th month (and so on). I though 'who gives them the right to do so? My contract is finished', so i called my bank and canceled the direct debit. After some time i received a letter from them claiming that they were unable to charge another 19.99 from me (that would be 14th month) I called them, had a chat with the costumer service, they recognized that my contract should of been finished and said that i will receive a call back from the local Fit4less. Never got any phone calls back And today i received another letter claiming i owe them 39.98 for both 14th and 15th month. I called them and now they are saying to me that after contract ends the account rolls onto an automatic 'pay monthly' plan. And that it states in the Terms & Conditions. I understand that this is all legitimate and I will probably have to end up paying this fee, but what about incorrect/false advertising? Because in that case the advertising should state then '19.99 Per month for 12th Month AND then every month after unless canceled' Thus i would be aware of the situation. Am i able to complain/do anything regarding this to avoid this fee? If you go to fit4less website and click on Caspian Wharf center you can see the options available and how they present it Thank you
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